what online sites don't ask for cvv ?

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what online sites dont cvv numbers for credit card shopping?

yea there are many sites that still do not ask for cvv.( 3 digits code on the back of the card ) www.amazo.com www.sierratradingpost.com www.fanatics.com www.goducks.com www.puritan.com www.cyberguys.com and also worldpay with some merchants do not ask for 3 digits code

can you use your credit card without the security number?

usually, the cvv (security number) is not needed if using the card in person at a store, gas station, etc. when using a card online, many sites require the cvv. a good rule of thumb is that if you use the card in person, the cvv will not be needed, but if you use it online or over the phone, it will be needed.

what online stores can you shop with credit card and don't need the cvv i accidently washed my card?

all online sites require the cvv - it's a security feature to verify the card is real !... if you've washed your card - contact the company - you'll usually have a new card within 24-48 hours !

where the cvv number on debit card of central bank of india.?

cvv no. is not present on central bank of india maestro card...just continue without ounching in the cvv no. during online transactions

what list of shopping sites that don't require cvv?

if you use a credit card, they all do.

how do you use debit card online?

if your debit card has a cvv number on the back side of the card, just below the magnetic strip and after the signature patch, you can use your debit card online. without cvv number, cards cannot be used for online/internet transactions.

can you online shop with the visa giftcard?

if the card has a cvv number on the back side then yes.

full form of cvv?

cvv- card verification value

what is cvv in roman numerals?

it is the equivalent of cx which means 110

what is the cvv on a credit card?

cvv is a code: card verification (validation) value.

why there is no cvv number in sbi atm cum debit cards?

as its 19 digit maestro it will not have any cvv no. only debit cards like yuva, vishesh, gold international have cvv.

what formula is used to figure out the cvv on a credit card?

this is a three or four code printed on the card to help prevent against fraud. the designers created something called a dynamic cvv. this cvv changes which each read of the card. from all of this take virtual credit card or debit card. which is a most secure for online transactions. hence you no need to submit any details.

what is cvv for andhra bank debit card?

last 3 digits on the back side of the card are cvv numbers

how do you know cvv no...if its erased on debit card?

you'd have to get the card replaced if you could no longer read the cvv.

where is the cvv number for an sbt atm card?

whether it is an sbt atm card or a regular atm card, it should contain a cvv code. this cvv code is always on the back of the card near the signature.

where is cvv no on cent cash debit card?

the cvv number on a cash debit card is a code used to identify the user. the cvv (customer verification value) is a three-digit code on the back of the card.

where is cvv on central bank of india debit card?

the cvv is usually printed on the reverse of cards - close to the signature box.

what does cvv mean on a credit card?

a cvv number is a credit card security feature that is used to prevent internet or telephone use of a credit card by a non holder. the abbreviation cvv stands for card verification value.

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