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what material do you use to make a tooth model ?

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what material could you use to make a model?

fiber glass, wood card bord tooth picks or ice block sticks these are only some of the materials

what is the best type of material to make a model?

it matters what kind of model. if it is a model of a town use foam. if it is a haert use clay

what material should you use to make a model pyramid?

card board , play dough ,

how do you make a 3-d model of scylla?

you use crayola model magic modeling material and just shape it to be scylla.

what material can you use to make a golgi apparatus in a 3d cell model?

i would use something thet represents the function

how do you make a small model of the louvre?

use styrofoam and carve the details into it. then saran wrap some tooth picks in the shape of the pyramid.

how do you make a roof for a model cardboard house?

i would use straws or tooth picks. you could also go to the hardware store and buy a bit of straw.

can you use nail acrylic to make a temporary tooth?

you can't be serious! go get your tooth fixed the right way

can you use pliers to pull out a tooth?

yes, if you wrap the tooth in gauze first. make sure the pliers are clean and sterilized.

what can you use for cat tooth pain?

you can use a cold compress to help with the tooth pain your cat is experiencing. call your vet and make an appointment to fix the problem.

how do you use renault blue tooth?

just switch your blue tooth on then press the car blue tooth on and it will connect. make sure if there is another phone in the car turn the blue tooth off in order for your blue tooth to connect.

what is the best material to use to make sheer draperies?

there is no best material to use to make sheer draperies. it is a matter of taste. i personally like to use a fine silk.

how do you make a model of an anasazi cliff house?

you can use many different materials to make a model of an anasazi cliff house. one idea is to make one or more small houses inside a box turned on its side, to simulate how the houses are in cave openings. you can also make a model of a single house on a board, using clay or a similar material.

what material are use to make a mouse?


what material is use to make the volleyball?


what material do they use to make hanfu?


how do you make a model of earthquake plates?

you make a model of a ground and then you use a metal peice and model it into a tetonic plate and try to make it move.

what materials do you need to make dragonfly models?

to make a dragonfly model for school or as a craft project you can use almost any material including colored paper. other materials you can use include wire, pipe cleaners, and cardboard.

what type of glue should you use for a model airplane?

if material is wood-then wood glue

what are some materials that are used as veneers for teeth?

a dentist will probably use porcelain to make a veneer, which is a thin layer of material that's placed over a tooth; either to improve the looks of a tooth, or to protect the tooth's surface from becoming damaged! a dentist may also use a composite veneer that's cemented with a resin cement compound!

what material do you use to make sport materials?

it depends on what you are trying to make

what material is used to make a lifeboat?

what materials do you use to make a lifeboat

how do you clean tooth after root canal?

go to a dentist and shortly after they see the tooth they will most likely whiteing it or make you use the whiteing strips

what material would you use to represent the cell wall?

when i made a model of a cell, i used model magic clay for the cell wall.

what materials do you use to make chewing gum?

trees,flaverd material,plastic,melting material,then the cuting material.