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what makes a drug charge state or federal ?

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cedric johnson
answered 2021-05-12 11:43:30

smaller drug charges like possession are going to be local or state charges, usually lesser penalties. federal charges are going to be your felonies which carry longer sentences, also if youโ€™re trafficking between states it can beckme a federal charge too.

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if the feds pick you up for a felony gun violation and you are also charge with drug possession can the drug charge be dropped?

is it a state drug offense, or a federal drug offense? if it is a state offense, the state will probably drop it and turn you over to the feds for the firearms violation since it carries heavier prison time. if it is a federal drug beef then they'll probably just combine the two offenses. you might be able to plea bargain one or the other depending on the strength of what you can offer the federal prosecutor.

do federal drug laws supersede federal drug laws?


how much time can you do if you have drug felony charge against you?

it all depends on; the charge - the amont of drugs - the type of drugs - your past criminal record - and if the charge is state or federal.

do you get drug tested before going to jail?

no , unless your state has a drug court and your charge is a drug charge .

what is the statute of limitations on felony criminal drug charges in the state of oklahoma?

three years - but the statute stops running if you are out of the state. if it is a federal charge, the state sol's do not apply.

can you get a drug felony charge off your record in kentucky?

if it was a federal charge, no. if it was a state charge, and you have never been convicted of any previous felony - perhaps. see below link for further information:

is telephone charge in federal drug conspiracy a federal felony?

if you are charged in a federal drug conspiracy, and the telephone was involved, it could be considered a federal felony. it all depends on what you are accused of and the seriousness of the alleged crimes.

can a felon get gun rights back in az 16 year old attempted sale of drug charge completed all supervision years ago?

if it is a state charge, it is possible- start by contacting an arizona attorney. for a federal charge- no.

is marijuana legal or illegal in the us?

it is illegal on the federal level. federal trumps state. california may say it's ok, but a federal agent can still arrest you and charge you because of the federal law. currently, it is scheduled as a class i schedule drug under federal law.

what is the statute of limitations on drug charges in wi?

question is too broad. in order to answer the exact charge and the seriousness of the offense would have to be known and whether the charges were federal or state.

can a judge in hawaii federal court sentence someone to probation for a federal drug charge that she plead guilty to?

yes. why did you think the judge couldn't?

is it possible to obtain visa into canada from mexico if prior drug charge in us?

unless it was a federal charge and your info is on interpol, you shouldn't worry.

is lsd an illegal drug?

lsd is classified as a schedule 1 drug (high potential for abuse and no medical use) by the federal government and thus possession is a crime. each state makes their own laws about drugs, most follow the federal government, but some recognize medical use.

can you again apply for a immigration visa after your drug charge is dropped?

if you were never convicted of a federal crime, then yes.

does ups do drug screening?

by federal law they have to. it's a transportation company, and the dot makes them do it.

can you become a probation officer with drug charge?

questionable. what state or county? how long ago? how serious a drug offense?

what is the charge for being arrested with xanax?

the title of the charge varies from state to state. typical statute titles are "possession of a controlled substance" or "possession of a dangerous drug."

where in mexico can one find policia federal?

you can find the policia federal in any part of mexico that has a problem with drug cartel activity. the border with the united state is a hotspot for these drug activities.

can a drug trafficking case be processed in the state court system?

if the trafficking crosses state boundaries, it will be tried in the federal system. if not, it usually depends on whether a federal agent or a state agent performed the arrest and if you are being charged with a state statute or a federal code violation.

can you apply for section 8 housing with a felony drug charge? the state of colorado of you have a felony for a drug charge and you completed classes and had some rehab you can still apply and receive housing. you must have sucessfuly completed drug classes.

federal drug trafficking how long is the statute of limitations in new york?

ummm.... it makes no difference what new york has to say about it - it's a federal crime.

can you get a drug possession charge and get convicted if the drugs were not on you?

if they were in your car or in your house you might it depends on the quanitanity and the state

in wisconsin do you lose your cdl for a drug charge?

you'll receive a suspension period in any state.

can you get medical marijuana from a state that is legal even if your state i not?

you will get into trouble with the federal drug enforcement agency if you try to import marijuana across state lines. federal laws have not changed, even though some state laws have. don't try it.

can you get federal parole with a drug charge?

there is no parole for federal offenses committed after 01 november 1987. is working to establish a hybrid system of parole and good time allowances; and reentry opportunities for federal offenders.