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what kinds of lions are there ?

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what kinds of lions are there in the world?

barbary lions, african lions, and asiatic lions. barbary lions and asiatic lions are very threatened.

are sea lions omnivores?

sea lions are carnivores and eat numerous kinds of fish.

what kinds of animals live in europe?

lions,dogs, and chickens lions,dogs, and chickens

what type of lions are endangered?

there are only 2 kinds of lions and i believe they are both endangered.

which lions have more orgasism as different kinds of lions?

i think ,none off them have more organisms.

how many kinds of lions?

two, asian & african

what kinds of animals live on the mountains of africa?

mountain lions

what animals are in grasslands?

all kinds,such as girraffes,lions ect.

what kind of lion has fangs?

what other kinds o lions are there. there are lions and lionesses (female lions) but unless their is a new lion. all lions have fangs. if they don't then people removed their fangs for safety.

what kinds of physical attributes do lions have?

strength power agility furriness

what kinds of places do sea lions live?

i think sea lions live in polar region think kuh lng ah!

what kinds of animals are found in the southern part of the rocky mountainns?

mountain lions.

what kind of meat do female lions eat?

all kinds exept poisenes

what are the kinds of animals that are carnivore?

lions, tigers, great white sharks etc.

do all the jungles have lions?

you may be reffering to "tigers" because lions live in the savanna plains of africa. there are different kinds of tiger in different jungles and rainforests, but all jungles dont have lions.

are lions special to certain kinds of people?

if the person cares for lions or have a some sort of belief in them then yes. example: a person has a religion involving lions [for example] then lions would be special to them. or, if someone likes lions or big cats i suppose a lion would be special to them. or if you had a pet lion!

what fish do sea lions eat?

i think they eat all kinds of fish. that's my answer.

what kinds of cats live in africa?

majorally lions tigers cheetahs panthers jaguars

are lions close to extinction?

lions are not really close to extinction but tigers and all the other different kinds of cats are close to extinction no one really knows if lions are close to extinction but we will fid out one day

name seven kinds of undomesticated cats?

jaguars bobcats tigers lions leopard caracal serval

what kinds of animals live in the savanna?

lions, giraffe, antelope, rhino, and meerkats are a few, watch lion king.

what kinds of animals live in the open oceans?

sharks, seals,dolphins, fish, puffafish sea-lions otters

what kinds of animals are related to cheetahs?

all types of wild cats. like for example, lions, leopards ext.

what are the 2 kinds of lions that are alive today?

there are alot but i can give asiatic and american lion

what kinds animals live in nicaragua?

sea turtles, sharks, mountain lions, mountain scorpions, over 700 species of birds