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ronnika.shaine albino
answered 2021-05-08 07:50:21

gold jewelry and anything made out of gold or silver anything with a high price :d (im sry for this if its a bad answer )

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manley zboncak

2021-05-08 11:06:06

this was helpful!

your answer


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why barter trade was not a perfect trade?

trade by barter is the exchange of goods for goods and service for services.might have garri and u need beans you would start seaching for someone who is in need of ur item .so it consumes lot of energy

why is trade important?

trade is important because we get goods we need and other people get the goods they need or want .also it can help the people by importing gifts!

does haunter need an item to evolve?

no, just trade.

how do you trade items in pokemon heartgold?

you need to have a pokemon hold the item then trade the pokemon.

why did africa need the goods in the triangular trade?

because they needed to stay alive with trade

how can you use link trade to evolve hunter to gengar?

just trade it you don't need an item!

where is the turban in poptropica?

you have to trade an item for the turban to get it. i forget wat item you trade it for but u need to go to one of the ppls on nabooti island.-twitch

how do you evolve machoke in pokemon diamond?

you have to trade it. it doesnt need a item

does graveler need to hold an item when you evolve him?

no, you just have to trade it then it evolves.

why does the us need hawaii?

it needs it to trade goods to one another

how do you evolve electabuzz in heartgold?

you need an electrizer you can get one in the cerulen cave it need to hold the item and you need to trade it

when does kabdraba evovle on?

you don, t need to level it up you have to trade it with no item

how do you evoleve porygon?

to get porygon 2, you need the item 'up-grade'. you attach the item to the unevolved porygon and then trade it. hope this helps!

i need a bulbasaur can anyone trade you for a squirtle in platinum?

maybe if you give your squirtle an item,people would trade it, look for repeaters!

what level does electabuzz evolve at in pokemon indigo?

i think level 50, or you need an item to trade him/her

how to evolve machoke?

to evolve machoke you need to trade it online. no item required! hope i helped =)

when does the pokemon scther evolve?

this answer probraly wont help you much but, all i know about him evolving is that you need to trade him with an item. sorry i don't remember what item it was.

what services are offered by freebay?

the services offered by free bay are for people who have goods or excess goods they don't need or use anymore. they have also introduced the swop shop page where a person can trade goods for goods, goods for services, services for goods, and services for services.

how can you trade pokemon on to battle revolution with an m3?

easy just have the pokemon hold the item when you trade it (you must have an adapter to trade). but theres just one thing if its a key item it won't work you'll need to find another one but anything else is good

how do you get a magmortar in pokemon?

you'll need to have magmar hold the magmarizer item and trade it. i recommend someone trading it to you.

how do you evolve rhydon in platinum?

you need to get the item protector. after you have gotten that, trade with someone you now will give it back.

what pokemon need a link trade to evolve?

from the top of my head, i can think of graveler, kadabra, machoke, haunter, onix(need item), scyther(needs item), clamperl(needs deepseatooth or deepseascale), porygon(needs item), porygon2(needs item), magmar(needs item), electabuzz(needs item), i think there are more, but that's all i can think of.

how do you get rhyperior in pokemon diamond?

== == answer get rydon equid an item protector(found on route 228)then trade it how to get a rhyperior? well that's quite easy. all you need is: - a rhydon ( evolves from rhyhorn at level 42 ) - protector item found on route 225 - someone to trade your rhydon holding the protector item. make rhydon hold the protector item and trade it with a friend. rhydon will evolve into a rhyperior. level it up or use a protector on it and then trade it then it will evolve into ryperior then trade it bak and you have ryperior

why did the phoenicians trade as a way to make a living?

so they could have more things to work with, so say they have a ton of farming goods and they need tools, so they would trade farming goods for tools. hope this helps!

can officers salary be considered a cost of goods sold?

is the promotion expenses for a certain slow moving item can be add to the cost of sales of this item ? this answer is not an answer but another (totally different) question. the question i need answered is: "can an officer's salary be considered a cost of goods sold?"