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what is the term of null balance ?

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what does null stand for?

null does not stand for anything, it simply is a computer term for a non-value

another term for asymmetrical balance is?

another term for asymmetrical balance is: - informal balance

what is another term for zero?

nil, nought, none, null.

what does null and void mean?

according to black's law dictionary, the term "null and void" has become a common redundancy: they mean the same thing.

what is a beta error?

a beta error is another term for a type ii error, an instance of accepting the null hypothesis when the null hypothesis is false.

what is null voltage?

the term, 'null', simply means 'none' -so, 'null voltage' means 'no voltage'.most bridge circuits require you to achieve a 'null reading' on its measuring instrument, when using the circuit to determine resistance (in the case of the wheatstone bridge), etc.

null null null?

very small.

if null is compared with null what is the result-true or false or null or unknown?

gary michael null (born january 6, 1945) is an american talk radio host and author who advocates for pseudoscientific alternative medicine and produces a line of questionable dietary supplements.

how do you write null in java?

you write "null" not null in java. eg string teststring=null;

what does the term equilibrium mean?


a clinical term for balance is?

answer- equilibrium

what is the term used for a negative checking account balance?

"overdrawn" is the common term used to describe a negative checking account balance.

what is meant by the term fluid balance?


the term statistical significance implies that the results are?

the observed value is unlikely to have occured purely bt chance under the null hypothesis and, as a consequence, you ought to reject the null in favour of the alternative hypothesis.

what is the medical term meaning balance of internal conditions?

homeostasis is the term usually used to indicate the maintenance of proper balance within a system.

what is null pointer error?

for example, if you write null instead of null.

how many types of tree in data structure?

1. binary tree 2. null tree 3. high&low balance tree . . .

is null keyword in java?

no null is not a keyword. null is considered to be a "literal" in java.

what is the math term for balance?

equality, equation.

what is another term for formal balance?

the answer is symmetry

liabilities are generally classified on a balance sheet as what?

short-term and long-term

what is scientific term for triple beam balance?

pretty sure that is the scientific term

what is the medical term meaning pertaining to sensory receptors for hearing and balance?

vestibulocochlear is the term for the nerve that carries sound and balance information to the brain from the ear.

do you enter premises account in balance sheet?

premises are long term assets of company that's why these are shown in long term assets in balance sheet.

what is the subset of null set?

the null set. every set is a subset of itself and so the null set is a subset of the null set.