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q: what is the square footage of a davids bridal store?
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what is the average square footage for department stores in malls?

what is the average square footage of a department store

is this story true tasha asbell won sweepstakes at the davids bridal store in joplin bc he is in miltray n away n couldnt b there she was dinied her winnings?

yes, the story is true i was in ait when it happened. but, davids bridal fixed the situation and has our buissness anyday of the week still

are there any websites that sell wedding gowns?

yes! there are a number of great places to shop for wedding gowns online. a good, reputable store is davids bridal.

where can you purchase rhinestone shoes?

there are multiple websites that sell rhinestone shoes, like zappos, shoebuy, and forever21. if your looking to purchase them from a local store try davids bridal or macys.

what is the salary for a store manager at wilkinson's?

the average rate varies dependent on the square footage of the store itself. it can range from 18k up to 30k.

what is the square footage of walmart supercenter?

in chilliwack b.c. the store is 150,000 square feet.

how can another store sell bridal gowns only david's bridal should sell?

call david's bridal and ask about it.

where can one find white dresses for a wedding?

davids and alot of area bridal shops. white is the most common color for a wedding dress and one could usually walk into a department store and find one as well.

store space in a shopping mall is often rented by the square foot?

square footage is the base for rent for store space in many shopping malls. some stores may have a premium per square foot base on location.

is david's bridal the only store to buy wedding dresses?

although david's bridal is a chain bridal store and has many locations, you can often find smaller bridal stores who also specialize in finding that perfect dress. by searching online in your area, you can usually find an array of nearby bridal shops.

where can someone purchase melissa sweet wedding gowns?

melissa sweet wedding gowns can be purchased at davids bridal in store and online. one can also purchase melissa sweet wedding gowns at wedding chicks's official website.

can you rank bass pro shops according to size?

you can. go to and click on find a store. each store profile will give you their total square footage.

what is the best way to store bridal gowns?

the best way to store a bridal gown is to use a reputable bridal gown preservation service. a good service will place it in an acid-free box of paper board and instruct you to store it in dark, cool and dry place.

where can i get bridal shower thank you cards?

one could purchase bridal shower thank you cards either at a bridal store or at a store which specializes in greeting cards. either of those options would be available online or locally.

is bridal superstore by posie patch in indiana a good bridal store?

don't get a biased opinion. read reviews.

how many square feet is a nomal walmart?

the average walmart store is approximately 97,000 square feet, while walmart's larger stores, referred to as super centers, carries a square footage of approximately 186,000.

how to convert linear footage to square footage?

since you know the length you know the linear footage. next: measure the width and multiply the width by the length, this will give you the area or sq. footage. length x width. for example: a room 8 ft. long x 10 ft. wide would be 64 square feet. the length is important because your carpet at the big box store is 10 feet wide and you only need 8 linear feet. in this case the square footage is: 8 ft. x 10 ft. = 80 sq. feet.

what is the square footage of mcdonald's?

it varies from store to store. minimum 32616 square feet not sure where the above poster got that minimum, which is large if we're talking about the fast-food chain. average for mcdonald's is 4,000 sq ft.

where's the best place to find bridal gowns?

david's bridal is the best-known and most reputable store for bridal gowns and clothing. you can visit their website at

where can you get an outfit for memorial day?

any store that sells clothing. if you are going for fancy i recommend davids bridal clothing. regular clothes available target and macys. macys clearance always check it! especially if you have kids, clearance for kids goes as low as 2.97!

what is the salary of a store manager at david's bridal?

the salary of a store manager at david's bridal is around 40,000 per year. the salary can go up to around 60,000 dollars depending on experience.

what is the largest store located at cloverdale mall?

the target in the cloverdale mall is the largest store. it is over 110,000 square feet, which is much larger than all of the other stores. it takes up over a fifths of the mall's square footage. it was previously a zellars.

what is the meaning of a bridal registry?

a service in a store or with an organization that logs a bridal couple's gift preferences to make shopping easier for friends and relatives

can bridal sleepwear come from the regular intimate apparel section of a department store?

yes! you don't necessarily need to go to a bridal shop.

what is the name of the bridal store in madea's family reunion?

bridals by lori

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