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what is the difference between gumamela flower and sampaguita flower?

gumamela flower , part of the hibiscious family, sampaguita is in the jasmine family

what are example of shrubs?


which plants classified as shrubs?

gumamela,sampaguita,and eggplant

kinds of flowering plants in the philippines?

santan, gumamela, rose, sampaguita, orchid.

what plant has hard smooth leaves?


what is the list of complete flowers?

tulips, lilies, hibiscus, sampaguita, orchids, gumamela, daisy, santan

can you give me many example of complete flower?


can you give 10 examples of ornamental plants in the philippines?

sampaguita rose daisy sunflower gumamela yellow bell bougainvilla ilang-ilang santan ground orchid

what are the parts of sampaguita flower?


is sampaguita a monocot or a dicot?

is sampaguita monocot?

what is the smell of gumamela flower?

what is the smell of a gumamela

how do you make a cologne by using sampaguita?

use sampaguita leaves

how do you describe the sampaguita?

tall with stems woody sampaguita?

why sampaguita as scent?

because sampaguita is sweetly scented tropical flower and besides sampaguita is the national flower of the philippines and indonesia.

what is the species of gumamela?

species of gumamela

what is the english of gumamela?

gumamela flower

how many parts of the gumamela?

in gumamela flower in part are 6 parts of gumamela flower

scientific name of sampaguita?

the scientific name of sampaguita is jasminum sambac

what is the phylum of gumamela?

gumamela does not have a phylum per say because that is not how it is classed, but it does have a division. the division of gumamela is angiosperms.

how do you know male female gumamela?

the gumamela is smooth

what are the structure of a gumamela plant?

protective structure of gumamela

how many stamens does a gumamela have?

how many stamen does a gumamela have

what is the different between santan and sampaguita?

the sampaguita is many petal and santan many flowering

does the stigma stickier in the withered gumamela flower than in the fresh one?

which gumamela flower does the stigma feel sticky in a bud and in a withered onedoes the stigma feel sticky in the fresh gumamela flowercan a gumamela pollen be transferred to the stigma of another kind of flowerwhat is the function of stigma in reproductive process of gumamela flowerhow many ovary in one gumamela flowerhow many stigma in gumamelahow many stigma are there in gumamelawhy the stigma of gumamela is stickysuggest one use of a stigma to a flowering plantstigma of a flower

what part of gumamela can cure fever?

what part of gumamela can cure