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there is very much scope in bsc nursing in us and uk. by this we can earn more money in foriegn countries .as compared to india

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q: what is the scope of bsc nursing in us and uk ?
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can bsc nursing gratuates do doctrate in medicine in us?

yes they can.

how is veterinary nursing?

veterinary nursing is the act of providing nursing care for animal patients in a veterinary hospital. in the us, the people who fill this role are usually called veterinary technicians and in the uk, europe and australia they are called veterinary nurses.

which medical schools offer a combined undergraduate and medical school programs in six years?

all do in the uk. to get a degree allowing you to practice medicine in the uk and sit the usmle in the us (dr. john doe, mbbs) takes 5 years, to get a bsc as well takes another years (dr. john doe, mbbs, bsc.)

can you do ms in us after 3 years of bsc degree?


what college course requirement would you need to be a midwife?

in the us, midwives have the broadest scope of practice when they are also advanced practice nurses (i.e. certified nurse midwives). the normal college courses, then, are a bachelor of science in nursing (bsn) and the master of science in nursing (msn).

is associate's degree in us and bsc degree in india is same?

no, the associates is a two year program of study, while the bachelor in science (bsc) is a four year program of study. thus, the bsc is a higher level degree.

what did florence nightingale do that affects us?

she made nursing a profession and her work is still used today for nursing and in nursing collage she made nursing a profession and her work is still used today for nursing and in nursing collage

oxford brookes bsc in applied accounting is equivalent to us bachelors?

yes it is

is the electronic and instrumentation is scope in us?


is the uk northwest of the us?

no, the uk is east of the us.

is the us united with the uk?

no the us is not united uk.

which health profession is the largest in the us?


what is the difference between the us and the uk?

the us and uk are two different countries. the us is the united states of america, and the uk is the united kingdom.the uk colonized the us into what it is now.

what schools have a masters program for bachelor of science in nursing?

there are a number of us schools that have a masters program for a bachelor of science in nursing. they include the nyu college of nursing and the columbia university school of nursing.

importance of knowing the theoretical foundation in nursing?

the importance of theoretical foundation in nursing is that it helps us to know...

what sleep aids can you us while nursing?

is tylenol pm okay to use while you're nursing?

what nursing homes in the united states have the best care system in place?

there are many nursing homes in the us that have the best care system in place. examples of nursing homes in the us that have the best care in place includes the avalon nursing home and the lourdes health care center.

are us wii games compatible in the uk?

no, because the us and the uk are in different regions uk-pal us-ntsc.

why is mathematics math in us and math in uk?

there are several instances where the us spelling differs from the uk version: sulfur (us) sulphur (uk) aluminum (us) aluminium (uk) color, honor, labor, vigor (us) colour etc (uk)

what is scope of pharmacy in us?

one of the best profession!

how old do you have to be to buy a scope?

no age limits in the us.

what is the importance of nursing theories to nursing research?

the nursing theories provides invaluable foundation for the nursing research. aside form being part of all nursing research papers, it gives us the basis of the practice of nursing and its concepts of where nursing research establishes the need to further study nursing.nursing theory is important to the further research of nursing practice. nursing theory is important for clinical practice research and for academic discipline in the field.

can you lose us citizenship if you became uk citizen?

us and uk allow dual citizenship. a person can be a us citizen and a citizen of uk if he/she desires to. but if a person applies to get naturalized as a citizen of uk when he/she is already a us citizen, then it will lead to losing us a person can have us & uk citizenship as long he/she is not a naturalized citizen of uk.

what do most people do for work in the us?

in the us most people do for work nursing .

what are some examples of the difference between american english and british english?

editors note: this list is always growing. if you know of a difference in language that doesn't appear here, please feel free to add it under the appropriate sub-heading below. if there is no appropriate sub-heading just add a new one. please try to present your additional translations in the same format as shown in order to avoid confusion. any personal comments should be posted on the discussion page. many thanks.1. pronunciation:fillet (steak): uk: "fill-it", us: "fill-ay".tomato: uk "tom-ah-toe", us "tom-ay-toe"2. spelling:uk: colour, us: coloruk:neighbour, us: neighbor3. differences in words and meaning:words for vehicles:uk: bonnet, us: hooduk: bumper, us: fenderuk: boot, us: trunkuk: hire, us: rentaluk: taxi, us: cabuk: flyover, us: overpassuk: gearbox, us: transmissionuk: crank-shaft, us: camshaftuk: selector, us: shifteruk: manual / automatic (gearbox), us: stick-shift / autouk: underground, us: subwaywords for clothing:uk: pants us: briefs / underwearuk: trousers, us: pantsuk: waistcoat, us: vestuk: wallet, us: billfold / pocketbookuk: handbag, us: pocketbook / purseuk: bum-bag, us: fanny-packuk: nappy, us: diaperwords for people & anatomy:uk: tramp, us: bumuk: bum / arse, us: butt / fanny/ assuk: copper / bobby / pig / rozzer, us: copwords for food:uk: chips, us: fries / french-friesuk: crisps, us: chipsuk: take away, us: take outuk: quarter, us: quartuk: jam, us: jellyuk: jelly, us: jellowords for places:uk: shop, us: storeuk: lift, us: elevatoruk:pavement, us:sidewalkwords for things:uk: cotter pin, us: cotler pin / split pinuk: circlip, us: snap clipuk: spanner us: wrenchuk: fag, us: cigarette4. grammar differences:uk: have/has got, us: have/hascentre = centercolour = coloraeroplane = airplanemoustasche = mustaschepyjamas = pajamassledge = sledlitre = literorganise/organize = organizeanalyse = analyzetravelled = traveledliscence = licensestructural differencesthe use of the conjunction and in some sentencesuk: come and be my come be my teacher. (and is omitted)