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scope of what. please be more specific.

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q: what is the scope for a female aeronautical engineer in pakistan ?
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what is the scope for aeronautical engineering what about the salary of an aeronautical engineer in pakistan?

kch nahi yaha pak me jo bi kr lo.......misteri or repairer hi banoge

which engineer earns the most?

aeronautical engineer (limited scope) civil engineer (wide range of scope) computer science (average scope) telecommunication engineering (wide range scope) mechanical engineer (wide range of scope) order of salary aeronautics earns most.............................then civil...........and so on.

what is the scope of ics with physics in pakistan in engineering?

by doing ics with physics,one can also become software engineer,hardware engineer and aeronautical engineer.yes,an engineering which i really missed is telecommunication engineering and with this ics ,you can do masters in atomic and molecular physics andgeo physics

what is scope of counseling psychology in pakistan?

what is scope of couseling in pakistan

what is scope of physiotherapy in pakistan?

is there any scope of pysiotherapy in pakistan can a therapist do masters in pharmacology

what is the scope of architectural engineering in pakistan?

its scope in pakistan is more then electrical and mechanical engineering

what is the scope of applied sociology in pakistan?

type your answer here... importance and scope of sociology in pakistan

what is the scope of petroleum engineering in pakistan?

no scope

what field of engineering has more scope in pakistan?

i think software engineering has a vast scope in pakistan.

what is the scope of mph in pakistan?

what is the scpoe of mph in pakistan

what is the scope of mechatronics and control engineering in pakistan?

bright scope

what is the scope of chemistry in pakistan?

i think there is a lot of scope of biochemistry

scope of media sciences in pakistan?

media sciences have more better scope in pakistan, we can see media section is growing like pakistan telecom section, you can do bsc in media sciences, its have smart enough scope.

what is the scope of earth science?

what is the scope of earthscience in pakistan- this does not help answer the question....

what scope of telecom engineering in pakistan for girls?

even boys have no scope

what is the scope of biochemistry in pakistan?

i think its scope is less than chemistry?

what is the scope of computer studies in pakistan?

scope of comuter stuudies in pakitan

what is the scope of teacher in education in pakistan?

what is the role of teacer education in pakistan

what is the future of media science in pakistan?

their is alot of scope of media in our pakistan.

what is the scope of bscs in pakistan?


what is the scope of biomedical engineering in pakistan?

i think in pakistan their is no scope of bio medical engineering because the most of the people is not awair from this field.

what is the scope of dvm in pakistan and in other countries?

dear..there is no scope of d v m in pakistan or any country in all the world..

what is the highest salary an aeronautical engineer can get?

on the knowledge and interest it depends rs. 5lac to rs35 lac it touches but u may not find good scope in developing countries ,u must route to developed country like us

what is the scope of mechanical engineering in pakistan?

excellent scope! u can earn a lot!

which engineering course has the best scope in pakistan?

i think that in pakistan mechanical electrical and civil has good scope......but it realy depends on ur interest.