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what is the role of an internal auditor as it relates to business finance ?

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why an auditor should not prepare the financial statement and then express an opinion also the standards to which this relates?

the auditor is the person who assesses whether the financial statement has been prepared accordingly or not. firstly it is not the role of the auditor to prepare the financial statement as the auditor has to form an independent opinion. secondly, it would be part of internal control and corporate governance activities for the preparation of the financial statement and the audit to be conducted be two separate parties to eliminate error or fraud.

what is the difference between commerce and finance?

commerce relates to the trade activities, exchange of commodities etc while finance deals with budgeting, accounting,bookkeeping etc finance is a subject in commerce. commerce is business,marketing,accounting,controlling these activities while finance is focussed function related to inflows n outflows

what is a structured product as it relates to finance?

a structured product is also know as a market linked investment, is generally a pre-package investment strategy based on derivatives such as a single security, as it relates to finance.

how does finance and accounting determine financial viability within a health care organization?

finance and accounting determine financial viability within a health care organization because they are both linked to business finance. it relates because health care organizations need financing to help keep their doors open and the patients taken care of.

which smart objective relates to the overall mission of your business?


what are some of the items included at the yahoo finance website?

it entails statistics about the stock market depending on the day at the top of the page. exchange rates are also displayed. news that relates to finance is detailed.

selection of appropriate labor in a business?

selection of appropriate labor relates to the type of labor that will be vital for use in a business.

what does cit stand for?

cit can possibly stand for either corporate income tax or capital investment team as it relates to the finance market.

how does the word upload relate to business?

it relates because when your at work you may have to upload files , important things , and business papers to your computer.

what degrees do you need to be a business person?

pretty much any degree that relates to business, plus u dont need a degree to be a business persone. you can own/start a business and the does not require a degree.

business persuasive email?

business persuasive email is one which is used for purposes of influencing a particular venture that relates to the business. this is commonly used when one is seeking investment opportunities.

meaning and scope of business laws?

fancy word for business world. relates to what owners are doing, laws affecting them and customers, economic forecasts, etc.

every operating system has two main internal components the relates to the user and to applications and provides?

the shell relates to the user and to application and provides a command menu or icon interface, whereas the kernel is responsible for interfacing with the hardware.

differentiate accounting and bookkeeping?

accounting is a broader term of book-keeping. book-keeping helps in the day to day operations and for preparing financial statements of an enterprise. accounting relates to the internal control of the business, detecting errors in recording entries and gives financial reports of the values and performance of the business to the management and to other people like the shareholders.

project topics on business administration?

there are countless topics for a project in business administration because it's such a vast topic itself. there are broad areas such as marketing, finance, and management, and then there are subtopics beneath them such as sales, advertising, banking, stock markets, management strategies, etc. if you have the option to pick any topic that relates to business administration, first narrow it down to which broad area you like, then pick a subtopic, then pick a specific case study or business plan to focus on that interests you the most.

every operating system has two main internal components the relates to the user and to applications and provides a command menu or icon interface whereas the is responsible for interfacing with the ha?

the shell relates to the user, and the kernel is responsible for interfacing the hardware.

what are the financing activities on a cash flow statement?

financing activities are those activities which relates to finance in company like new shares issuance or bonds issuance etc.

what are external and internal factors and how they affect the four functions of management?

explanation of how each function relates to an organization and explain how internal and external factors impact the four functions of management far as planning organizing leading controlling.

explain what is meant by the statement organisms regulate their internal environment?

this statement relates to the universal trait of living organisms. this trait is their ability to maintain an internal state, allowing for survival, given an acceptable range of external conditions.

what are the differences between accounting and finance?

accounting generally refers to how transactions are recorded and reported. finance generally relates to initiating transactions to aid in cash, investment and other working capital management - including interest and foreign exchange hedging. some senior accounting or finance staff have cross-over in their jobs and perform both tasks.

what is revenue expenditure?

a revenue expenditure is anything that relates to the day to day running of the business; for example, wages and salaries.

what is managerial macroeconomics?

managerial macroeconomics is a subject that relates the theories and concepts of macroeconomics to real life business situations.

what is rudimentory finance?

the word rudimentory might not exist but rudimentary finance relates to an underdeveloped economy with low output and continuous decline. an economy or financial system with lack of financial instruments/power and unable to stimulate its economy and unable to save to allocate capital to investment.

what does mbe mean?

mbe as it relates to business in the united states stands for minority business enterprise. a minority business enterprise is a business owned primarily by african americans, asian americans, hispanic americans or native americans. companies that do business with mbes are often offered incentives such as rebates.

are you covered while driving a company vehicle on personal time?

categorically no. the insurance relates solely to driving on company business.