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q: what is the professional issue in blackboard discussion board?
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what is a political caucas?

a political caucas is basically a professional discussion prior to deciding on the outcome of the issue.

what makes a good discussion?

a good discussion is when someone brings up an issue and the people involved in the discussion state their opinions. everyone's view should be stated and valued. a good discussion does not necessarily bring about one answer but lets the person with the issue know what opinions are in the general public.

what is panel discussion. how do you conduct it.?

panel discussion will be possible when the question is based on debatable issue. when different people share different perspective on the issue, it is called panel discussion. we can conduct everywhere at any time with group of people, who will be sharing their opinion, they think.

how should a letter be written to board members who were absent from a meeting?

whenever you write a letter to a member of a board of directors, you address the letter to the person at their last known address. if your board receives its mail through an association management firm, then that's the address you use. in your letter, state the purpose of the letter and ask for any action you're requesting. for example, if yours is an issue that you want the board to discuss in an open meeting, ask that the issue -- use a complete sentence -- be added to the agenda, and request that you be given time on the agenda to present your position. finally, if you want the board to vote on the issue, you can request a board vote at the open meeting. then, the issue, its discussion and the board vote will be included in the meeting minutes.

what is the issue until boys and girls be separated in different discussion room?

the issue is that boys and girls can lie

what is discussion text?

discussion text is used to present information and arguments from different perspectives or viewpoints. a discussion text typically has three components that are the issue, arguments for or against, and a recommendation or conclusion.

is kevin jonas hot?

"hot" is a matter of opinion. therefore, this question cannot have a definite answer. all discussion on this issue can be directed to the discussion page.

current issue about meat increasing?

the discussion of meat increasing in the philippines and question?

is miley cyrus cool in your opinion?

"cool" is a matter of opinion; therefore, this question cannot have a definite answer. further discussion on this issue can be located on the discussion page.

can a school board prevent a superintendent from speaking at board meetings?

short answer: yes. this is not a legal issue so much as it is a procedural issue. technically the procedural rules of a school board meeting might prohibit anyone but board members from speaking unless recognized by said board. you would have to know the procedural rules for your board's meetings.

what are your rights as a homeowner against a hoa?

it depends on the issue at hand. your rights as an owner are clearly spelled out in your governing documents. you may be in violation of the guidelines and governing rules. or, your association's board may not be following the governing documents. in any event, send a written letter to your board requesting clarification of the issue. request that the letter be handled in an open board meeting, and that the discussion be made part of the minutes. if you believe that your board is in error, you may have a legal case against it; however, you may be in error, in which case, you can offer the board your apology together with whatever fine or remedy the board requires.

how do you get your ex back if he broke up with you because he was board?

ask him what he was board of and tell him you will try to improve on this issue. =)

what are three features of public opinion?

there are three stages in the formation of public opinion-the rise of an issue-discussion and proposed solutions and arrival at a consensus. as soon as a public issue emerges there is usually a preliminary phase of discussion. the issue is defined and a hope is expressed for its solution. later as a discussion continues those concerned express their own views on the issue and propose various and often divergent solutions through letters, petitions, memoranda the course of time we pass on the third stage when opinion begins to crystallize and people began to take sides.

can the board of directors of a business issue a vote of no confidence in the ceo?


what is the difference between topic and issue?

according to irishflukey on reddit, an issue has a slight connotation of there being a problem. a topic could be for general discussion, whereas an issue is something that there may be a difficulty about that needs to be resolved.

senators may vote to recess rather than adjourn when?

they wish to limit discussion of a particular issue.

which hint for planning and writing an argumentative essay is described in the following statement all points you make in an essay should be connected to the issue under discussion?

stick to the issue.

which small group format generally selects members because they are experts on the issue being discussed?

panel discussion

what is the approximate cost of a smart board?

the cost of a smart board ranges from $2000 to $5000. you can find further information about the issue on this webpage:

which civil right issue was involved with brown v board of education?

the civil rights issue involved in brown v board of education was whether "separate but equal" education systems were fair to african-american children.

can you take jewelry ie pierced earrings on board?

yes it shouldn't be an issue.

what is the best snail ever?

that would call for an opinion. feel free to address this issue on the discussion page.

if you board a flight before shabbat is it okay to land on shabbat?

religiously observant jews would not board a plane if shabbat were to start while in transit. the issue wouldn't be landing during shabbat, the issue would be flying during shabbat.

what time does a condo pool have to close?

there is no standard. read your governing documents to discover this fact. if the pool hours concern you, bring up the issue in the next board meeting and express your concerns, then ask the board to vote on addressing your issue.

what model is the canadian 12g mossberg?

there was discussion of plans to issue a mossberg 500 to commemorate the end of the long gun registry in canada.

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