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what is the presipition of technology ?

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what are the 4 types of technology?

weapons technologydefensive technologystone working technologywoodworking technologyfire technologyfood preparation technologyagricultural technologypaper making technologywriting technologybookbinding technologylighting/illumination technologymining technologymetallurgical technologyhydraulics technologyelectrical technologyelectronics technologyheat pump technologytransportation technologypublishing technologybiotechnologyaerospace technologysatellite technologycomputer technologyfluidics technologyoptical technologytelecommunications technologymedical technologygeographical technologyclock technologymapping technologysurveying technologyradiation technologyetc.

what are the types of technology?

žalternative technology žappropriate technology ždisruptive technologyždomestic technology žhigh technologyžindustrial technology žbiotechnologyžmicro technology

types and kinds of technology?

alternative technology žappropriate technology ždisruptive technology ždomestic technology žhigh technology žindustrial technology žbiotechnology žmicro technology

what aere the nine core technologies?

bio technology electrical technology electronics technology fluid technology materials technology mechanical technology optical technology structural technology thermal technology

what are the 6 conventional types of technology?

the six conventional types of technology are the technology of teaching, instructional technology, assistive technology, medical technology, technology productivity tools, and information technology.

how is the technology affecting the information technology world?

technology is affecting the information technology world because information technology affects technology because the word, technology is within information technology.

what are the four families of technology?

communication technology production technology transportation technology bio technology

what are the basic skills needed for computers and technology?

that depends on the technology you are talking about (e.g. metal casting technology, stone carving technology, heavy construction technology, automobile technology, electronics technology, nuclear technology, irrigation technology, fire fighting technology, submarine technology, painting technology, airplane technology, firearms technology, and even computer related technologies) as the skills requirements vary dramatically.

what is song lyrics technology technology technology?

daft punk - technology

how many types of technology are there?

there are six types of technology. 1.information technology. 2.assistive technology. 3.instructional technology. 4medical technology. of productivity. of teaching.

what types of technology is there?

there are new developments of technology that always increase as the time goes on. the current types of technology is instructional technology, assistive technology, medical technology and information technology.

three classification of technology?

base technology key technology pacing technology

what are the 9 types of technology?

there are many types of technology. these include food technology, educational technology, vehicle technology, electronics, as well as media technology.

what is the impact of information technology on technology?

just as your leg is part of you so too is information technology part of technology. the meaning of impact is the reluctant the effects of information technology on technology is that it has modernised the technology,

what is the relative ranks of iits among themselves?

rankinstitutestate1indian institute of technology bombaymaharashtra2indian institute of technology kanpuruttar pradesh3indian institute of technology delhidelhi4indian institute of technology madrastamil nadu5indian institute of technology kharagpurwest bengal6indian institute of technology roorkeeuttarakhand7indian institute of technology guwahatiassam8indian institute of technology roparpunjab9indian institute of technology hyderabadandhra pradesh10indian institute of technology bhubaneshwarorissa10indian institute of technology patnabihar10indian institute of technology gandhinagargujarat10indian institute of technology indoremadhya pradesh11indian institute of technology jodhpurrajasthan12indian institute of technology mandihimachal pradesh

3 kinds of technology in science?

information technology, process technology and production technology.

what technology replaced infrared technology?

no technology yet has made infrared technology obsolete.

is industrial technology an example of technology?

yes it is a technology

what technology is not a secure technology when traveling?

wireless technology

is it internet technology or information technology?

information technology

what is the meaning of new wave technology?

what is new wave technology? what is new wave technology? what is new wave technology? what is new wave technology? what is new wave technology?

what are the six categories of technology?

the six categories of technology are: 1- transportation technology, 2- energy/power technology, 3- bio-relative technology, 4- construction technology, 5- manufacture technology, & last but certainly not least communication technology!!:)

types of technology based on degree of completion and extent of use?

accomplish technology feasible technology probable technology remote technology

what are some different areas of technology?

information technology, matterial technology, computer technology, biological technology, etc. whatever you name it.

was greek technology similar to rome's?

no, greek technology was not similar roman technology. rome might have had one greek technology that they used, but other then that one greek technology, roman technology was not similar to greek technology.