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q: what is the population of metro manila in 2009 ?
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what is the student population in metro manila?

number of students in metro manila?

what is metro manila's population?

the population of metro manila is 11,855,975.

what is in metro manila largest population?


what is the size of metro manila?

metropolitan manila covers an area of 640 km2 and has a population of about 11,900,000.

which region has the highest population density in the philippines?


what is the abbreviation for metro manila?

metro manila abbreviation : mm / mla. / manila

what is the population count of call center agents in metro manila?


what is the largest population in metro manila?

among the cities in metro manila that comprise the national capital region, quezon city has the largest population. it has 2,679,450 people, based on the results of the census of population conducted last august 2007.

what can you do to improve metro manila traffic?

what can you do to improve metro manila traffic?

what is the function of the metro manila authority?

metro manila is the capital of the philippines.

what is the latest population of manila?

the latest population in metro manila(ncr) is 15,407,892person in ncr base on anthony de asis 1st yr beryl,gocc

what state is manila in?

metro manila

what do you think are the major problems of metro manila brought about by an increasing population?

garbage, air pollution and traffic

kind of landforms in metro manila?

name landforms from manila

metro atlanta population 2009?

5.4 million

what is metro miami population in 2009?

6.1million people

what is the population of metro manila?

the manila metropolitan area (filipino: kalakhang maynila, kamaynilaan) or the national capital region (ncr) (filipino: pambansang punong rehiyon) is the administrative region encompassing the city of manila, the national capital of the philippines. as of the 2007 census, the population is 11,553,427.[2] including suburbs in the adjacent provinces (laguna, cavite, rizal, bulacan) of greater manila, the population is around 20 million.[3][4] metro manila is one of the twelve defined metropolitan areas in the philippines.

who heads the metro manila development authority?

the metro manila development authority is headed by its chairman, bayani f. fernando.

what is the population of little rock?

as of 2009 the population of little rock is 184,564.

what is the land area of metro manila philippines?

metro manila 636 sq. kilometers singapore is 704 sq. kilometers cheers!

may pasok ba ngayon sa metro manila?

oo,may pasok na sa metro manila ngayon

population in manila as of 2007?

population of manila as of 2007 was, 1,660,714. (wikipedia)population of manila as of 2007 was, 1,660,714. (wikipedia)population of manila as of 2007 was, 1,660,714. (wikipedia)population of manila as of 2007 was, 1,660,714. (wikipedia)population of manila as of 2007 was, 1,660,714. (wikipedia)population of manila as of 2007 was, 1,660,714. (wikipedia)

top 10 engineering universities in metro manila?

atineo de manila

why is metro manila divided into four districts?

because the cities and municipality of metro manila are geographically grouped so it is divided it into four districts.

what is the population in kamloops?

as of 2009 the population of the actual city is 87,000 people. the metro is around 96,000