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actually, plymouth, england is called plymouth because the city is at the mouth of the river plym, get it?

and plymouth, massachusetts , is called plymouth because the original mayflower settlers traced their origins to plymouth, england.

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q: what is the major reason you call plymouth plymouth?
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what was the major reason why the plymouth colony maryland and pennsylvania founded?

all three were founded on the premise of religious freedom.

what was the major reason the original settlers of plymouth colony maryland and pennsylvania come to america?

to secure freedom from religious persecution

what did the indians call plymouth?


why did the pilgrims call it plymouth colony?

that's where they were

what did the indians call plymouth massachusetts?


what did the pilgrims call their new colony?


what did pilgrims call new home?


what do you call the separatists who founded plymouth?


what was the reason for the plymouth massachusetts?

religious freedom and better lives

what is the reason for jamestown and plymouth settlement?

to survive... off t he ship

what was the main reason for the founding of plymouth?

it was founded for its goods.

what is one reason that the plymouth colony succeeded?

they brought a large amount of food.

what is the real reason for the pilgrims landing at plymouth rock?

they landed because they were out of beer.

1990 grand plymouth voyager cuts out and dies for no reason then starts after a couple of times cranking it?

if your 1990 grand plymouth voyager cuts out and dies for not reason, but starts after a couple times of cranking, the starter might be going out. you can have the starter tested.

reasons for settlement in plymouth?

there wasn't really a reason as to why it was founded. it was actually a mistake on the mayflowers fault. it was taken off-course and landed there where they set up plymouth.

is plymouth a city or a state of u.k.?

plymouth is a city in southwest england and was the last port of call of the pilgrims before they set out across the atlantic.

what were squanto's major accomplishments?

squanto helped the pilgrims of the plymouth colony

what is the major reason that few venezuelans are farmers?

what is the major reason that few venezuelans are farmers

what was the first major colonized area in massachusetts?

plymouth colony at plymouth rock was the first settlement of europeans in massachusetts.

did the house of burgesses call for just and equal laws for plymouth?


what radio fit a 1994 plymouth acclaim?

go to or call them.

what do americans call the chrysler grand voyager?

the plymouth grand voyager.

what was englands first permidate setlemant in north america?

who settled the plymouth colony,and what was there reason

why does my dash light do not work on 1991 plymouth sundance?

if the dash light on a 1991 plymouth sundance does not work, this may be because it is grounded. another reason may be busted fuse.

what are the major landforms in massachusetts?

plymouth rock is one of the major landforms in massachusetts. other major landforms in massachusetts include mt. greylock, and mt. tom.