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what is difference between satin and satin?

the difference between satin and satin is satin is a type of material whilst satin is the devil actually satan is the devil... there is no difference between satin and satin. they are the same word

what has the author allan d satin written?

allan d. satin has written: 'military images index' -- subject(s): indexes, periodicals, history, military images magazine, military history, military art and science, armed forces

what are some antonyms for satin?

an antonym for "satin" is antonym for "satin" is gloss. an antonym for "satin" is reflective.

what is a satin?

satin, doesnt really have anything to do with gardening. there are 2 types of satin satin - the ruler of hell and satin - the kindoff silky stuff. glad i could help!

what is a satin stitch?

a satin stich is a long straight embroidery stitch, giving the appearance of satin.

what is another word for fine smooth cloth beginning with sat?

the cloth is satin.

how do you say the red satin in french?

satin rouge

what is costume satin?

a costume for halloween that is made of satin

discuss satin as great figure of epic dimension and admiration and sympathy for satin misunderstood?

satin is wonderful, the type of cloth satin is is exquisite and is generally misunderstood for its softness/smoothness .

can you paint satin paint over satin paint?


does 'satin' have a rough or smooth texture?

it is smooth.

song titles containing the word satin?

satin doll

what is the difference in satin and sateen weave?

what is satin veres sateen

how can you tell if a lamp is satin brass?

what is satin bras on a lamp

when was satin doll created?

satin doll was created in 1953.

when was black satin created?

black satin was created in 1956.

what is an anagram for the word satin?

the anagram for the word 'satin' is stain.

how tall is satin bloom?

satin bloom is 168 cm.

how tall is david satin?

david satin is 6' 3".

what should your new ponies show name be. she is a black mare and her normal paddock name is satin?

how about ebony, satin ribbons, black magic, satin and lace, black satin.

what is an anagram of satin?

anagrams for satin are stain, saint, tains, and antis.

what is the word 'satin' when translated into japanese?

サテン saten

when was satin only created?

satin only was created in 1996-10.

when was satin sheets created?

satin sheets was created in 1973-06.

what is the duration of smooth as satin?

the duration of smooth as satin is 3600.0 seconds.