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what effect did the meiji restoration have on japans economy?

it led to technological modernization of japan.

which technological change has had the largest effect on life in this country?


what the effect of sociology culture and economy on housing?

maybe the housing can change human life

how does the frontier change when technological change affects only the pumpkin industry?

a technological change affects only the pumpkin industry?

which environmental factor is the most important for marketing-demographic change or technological change?

its the technological change that is improtant hahhahaha :)

what would contribute to a sustained high rate of economic growth in the long run in an economy?

growth in capital per hour accompanied by technological change

what is the technological effect of a scientific breakthrough?


what effect did the war have on the economies of the north and the south?

the civil war caused tremendous political, economic, technological, and social change in the united states

what is the difference between technology and technological change?

the difference between technology and technological change is that one is a process and one is a change in that process. technology takes something that is input and makes it output. a technological change involves taking that technology and tinkering with it to change the output levels.

note two technological advantages europeans had over the africans?

the technological advantages europeans had over the africans were boats and trains. the europeans used these technological advantages helped the european economy.

why did they change guns?

technological improvements

what effect does technical college in georgia has on the economy?

i wanted to know what effect does technical colleges have on the economy

what type of projects you can make in business studies class12 cbse board?

here is an example: business environment effect of change on technological environment on the behaviour of employee.

what is the effect of removal of oil subsidy on the nigeria economy?

effect of fuel subsidy removal in nigeria economy

what are causes of underdevelopment in africa?

technological change

why do airline flight prices change so often and mostly upwards?

the flight prices are decided based upon the world economy. the world economy changes will effect on this subject

is this how you spell aeffect?

the two separate words are :affect (verb) - to influence or altereffect (noun, verb) - a result, consequence, or change ; to bring aboutthe verb effect means to bring about, as to effect a change. it should not be used instead of affect, which is to influence, as to affect the economy.

what has the author george m korres written?

george m. korres has written: 'technical change and economic growth' -- subject(s): economic aspects, economic aspects of technological innovations, economic conditions, production functions (economic theory), technological innovations, knowledge economy 'handbook of innovation economics' -- subject(s): technological innovations, economic aspects

what is the effect of landslide in the economy?

effect of land slide

what technological advancements of the early 1800s directly impacted the nation's economy?

the railroads were made

what has the author michael dunkerley written?

michael dunkerley has written: 'the jobless economy?' -- subject(s): automation, capitalism, computers, economic aspects, economic aspects of automation, effect of technological innovations on, employees, forecasting, international trade, labor, social aspects, social aspects of computers, technological unemployment

effect of globalization on indian economy?

effect of globlization on learner

what are luddites opposed to?

luddites are opposed to technological change.

what danger did this technological change introduce?

shortness of the penis.

what effect did the holocaust have on the economy?

it damaged it.