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  • behaviors that are known innately via genetic information because inherited behaviros - behaviors that are genetically passed from parents to offspring in plants and animals.
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inherited behavior is behavior that is passed from the parents to their offspring.

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q: what is the definition of learned or inherited behaviors ?
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what is the difference between a learned behaviors and inherited traits?

inherited traits are like instincts but learned behaviors are like attitudes and feelings

do segmented worms have learned and inherited behaviors?


are behaviors either learned or inherited?


how are instincts and learned behaviors alike and how are they different?

instincts and learned behaviors are different because instincts are inherited behaviors and learned behaviors are taught behaviors (anything involving survival) to the offspring.they are alike because both of them result to survival, and they are both behaviors.

what is a snakes differencs learned and inherited trait?

inherited traits what you know and learned behaviors are what you learn..... ex. walking, running, writing, readin

does a bottlenose dolphin have inherited traits and learned behaviors if so what are they?

i don

can acquired traits be inherited?

no, there are two types of behaviors: innate and learned. obviously, the innate behaviors are known from birth and the learned behaviors are acquired after birth. learned behaviors can modify innate behaviors such as teaching a baby not to babble but to learn english. simplified: something learned cannot be passed down genetically ur a fail eat cake

what are arthropods learned and inherited behaviors?

they already know how to fly(learned behavior) but there is nothing inheritatd (by the way this is karina shtyba)

definition for inherited behavior?

something that does not need to be learned, such as breathing.

what are instinctive behaviors and learned behaviors?

instinctive (aka: inherited) :already known it and has been passed to offspring like how to swallow or breath learned: have to learn it like how to walk or say hi

is culture inherited?

culture is a learned system of knowledge, behaviors, attitudes, beliefs, values, and norms that is shared.

what are inherited behaviors called?

the inherited behaviors are called genotypic characters.

what are learned and inherited behaviors of bats?

flying and sleeping upside down during day(nocturnal) are in genes or instinct while hunting and finding food is learned.

what is the difference between an inherited trait and a learned behavior and what are to examples of each?

innate traits are those that you are born with, while learned behaviors are which you learn throughout your life span. example of innate traits, breathing, and swallowing. learned behaviors could include walking, and talking.

what is the definition of learned behaviors?

"learned behaviors" are simply behaviors that you must learn instead of behaviors that happen automatically.instinct and reflex are examples of behaviors which do not have to be learned - birds instinctively know how to build nests, you blink your eyes by reflex (most of the time), and hitting your knee with a little hammer makes your leg jerk.anything that you have to practice in order to learn it is a learned behavior - walking, talking, playing sports, school work, etc.

what are some learned behaviors of pythons?

what are some learned behaviors of a python

what are the innate and learned behaviors of sumatran tigers?

some learned behaviors are that they are

detail the for and against arguments for innate and learned behaviors?

innate and learned behaviors are behaviors that are either known at birth or learned afterwards. some people believe that certain behaviors are innate or that they are learned from adults of the same species.

what are penguin's inherited behaviors?

some of penguins inherited behaviors are breathing walking and they can see there parents so sight

what is the similarity between learned behaviors and instincts?

instincts come natuarly and learned behaviors are learned so nothing

what are examples of inherited behaviors?

there are many different types of examples of inherited behaviors such as breast feeding in many animals. other inherited behaviors include but are not limited to babies crying when hungry and birds flying in groups.

what are learned behaviors of a king cobras?

no learned behavior by a cobra. what they do is all instinctive behavior. people have learned behaviors not reptiles.

what are inherited behaviors are called?


what are inherited traits controlled by?


what are the inherited behaviors of wolves?