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a pasteboard form for making boxes etc.

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what is the definition of firecracker?

a small cardboard roll filled with explosive and lit by a fuse.

how much does cardboard weigh?

the weight of cardboard depends on the thickness and amount of cardboard. thicker cardboard tends to weigh a little more than thin cardboard.

what does cardboard mean?

the meaning of cardboard

what are the advantages and disadvantages of cardboard?

an advantage of cardboard is that cardboard can be made into a box to protect things and is recyclable. a disadvantage of cardboard is that it is easily damaged.

where is cardboard made?

cardboard is made at factories.

what part of speech is cardboard?

cardboard is a noun.

is cardboard poisonous?

it depends on if there is ink in the cardboard.

when you recycle cardboard what does it turn into?

cardboard or paper

is cardboard recycle?

yes you can recycle cardboard

what is a cardboard box?

it is a box made out of cardboard

is cardboard in mixture or compound?

cardboard is a mixture.

is cardboard recycled paper?

well, there are 2 types that you can recycle. flat cardboard and corrugated cardboard.

can guinea pigs chew on cardboard?

yes it is okay for them to chew on cardboard.

what are the locations of raw materials for cardboard?

some cardboard and paper are recycled to make new cardboard, but the primary raw material for cardboard is wood (celulose).

what is the relationship between squirrels and cardboard?

the relationship between squirrels and cardboard is that squirrels play and bite it. the cardboard is a toy for the squirrels, they can also use the cardboard as shelters.

is cardboard waterproof?

some, but not all, cardboard is treated with wax or laminated. these forms of cardboard are considered to be waterproof.

what are cardboard boxes recycled into?

cardboard boxes can be recycled into pulp, paper and even more cardboard boxes.

who in phx,az pays you for recycling cardboard ?

anybody in tucson buy cardboard ?? i will buy your baled cardboard.

materials for making cardboard egg crates?

i suggest the use of cardboard to make cardboard egg crates.

what is the melting point for cardboard?

cardboard doesn't melt

what happens to cardboard when it is not recycled?

=what happens to cardboard when it is not recycled=

what are the chemical properties of cardboard?

cardboard is made out of paper

ice melt faster on on foil or cardboard?


how is cardboard damaging the environment?

it's not. cardboard is biodegradable

what can you make with paper and cardboard?

a cardboard box with a flag