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who is the filipino singer that has a tenor voice?

ogie alcasid

when was ogie alcasid born?

ogie alcasid was born on august 27, 1967.

what is the birth name of ogie alcasid?

ogie alcasid's birth name is herminio alcasid jr..

how old is ogie alcasid?

ogie alcasid is 44 years old (birthdate: august 27, 1967).

what is ogie alcasid's birthday?

ogie alcasid was born on august 27, 1967.

how tall is ogie alcasid?

5 ft

is ogie alcasid a bass singer?


who are the filipino modern composers in philippines?

ogie alcasid

how old is this ogie alcasid from the philippines?

ogie is my name as weel my nick name is cool boy123

what is the name of the most famous filipino song composer?

ogie alcasid

who are filipino singer who have baho voice?

oggy alcasid

what actors and actresses appeared in family feud - 2002?

the cast of family feud - 2002 includes: ogie alcasid as himself - host

what are the famous tagalog songs in duet?

hanggang ngayon - ogie alcasid and regine velasquez bakit ngayon ka lang - freestyle and pops fernandez

tenor singers in the philippines?

martin nievera, gary valenciano, ogie alcasid, and piolo pascual cino pa ba are filipino tenor singers.

what actors and actresses appeared in da big show - 2008?

the cast of da big show - 2008 includes: ogie alcasid as himself - host

who are the filipino singers with tenor and soprano voice?

two famous tenor filipino singers are ogie alcasid and gary valenciano. both tenors are very popular in the philippines. popular filipino soprano singers include the likes of sylvia la torre, armida siguion-reyna, and joscephine gomez.

famous baritone singers?

there are many baritone singers like:ogie alcasidjed madelamartin nieverasam milbynote:basta lahat ng hindi matataas kumanta na hindi rin mababang kumanta:)

how tall is ogie banks?

ogie banks is 5' 8".

what actors and actresses appeared in manolo en michelle hapi together - 1994?

the cast of manolo en michelle hapi together - 1994 includes: ogie alcasid as manolo jeanette fernando patrick guzman michelle van eimeren as michelle

what is the hightest voice classification for a male?


what is voice classification of lea salonga?


what is the voice classification of bamboo manalac?


what is ogie alcasid's religion?

his wife regine confirmed it in startalk interview with ricky lo that ogie is a christian!

who are some famous filipino singers?

some filipino singersthe following are some famous filipino singers:* freddie aguilar * gary valenciano * pops fernandez * jaya * amapola (cabase) * lani misalucha * martin nievera * ogie alcasid * regine velasquez * lea salonga * pilita corrales

who are the top100 riches celebrities in the philippines?

i could give you the random list.. willie revillame sharon cuneta kris aquino charo santos vic sotto joey de leon vicki belo ogie alcasid regine velasquez piolo pascual sarah geronimo albert martinez kim chiu