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what is the branches of mathematics ?

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the main branches of mathematics are algebra, number theory, geometry and arithmetic.

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what are the sub branches of mathematics?

i dont know... but i have a question....what is the branches of mathematics? by maricar pauline v. mesa

how many branches of mathematics are there?

arithmeticgeometrytrigonometrymensurationalgebracalculusthere are 6 branches of mathematics

what is research in mathematics?

the research of mathematics is the study of mathematics with the goal of expanding the usefulness and completeness of the subject. mathematics has many, many branches which focus on different topics, such as the study of surfaces (topology) and shapes (geometry). many applied sciences such as statistics and computer science are branches of mathematics. modern advanced physics relies heavily on different branches of mathematics.

what is algebra and topoogy?

they are two branches of mathematics.

what branches of mathematics help time scientists?

physics, particularly quantum physics (which is essentially mathematics).

6 major branches of sciences?

mathematics chemistry bioligy phisics mathematics chemistry bioligy phisics

what are the main branches of mathematics and there definitions?

you can find an overview here:

which 3 branches of mathematics studies originated in india?


what is the difference of arithmetic and geometric?

they refer to different branches of mathematics.

what is the relationship between algebra and probability?

they are both branches of mathematics.

what are branches in iit?

iit's have all the basic branches in sciences and mathematics. for example ..cse,ece,eee,mechanical...

which of these branches of mathematics to obtain an optimal best solution to a problem that can be stated in a mathematical form?

there are no branches listed to select from!

branches of mathematics?

there are many, many branches of mathematics. among the most common: elementary arithmetic algebra geometry trigonometry calculus analysis vector calculus topology statistics combinatorics matrix mathematics/linear algebra you could also include applied mathematical branches such as thermodynamics and theoretical physics. the list is practically endless.

what are the five branches of mathematics?

geometry, algebra , trigonometry calculus, physics

what are the sub-branches of economics that relies on fields of statistics and mathematics?

some of the sub-branches of economics that rely on fields of statistics and mathematics are econometrics, transport economics, managerial economics and international economics.

what are the 7 branches of science?

== == astronomybiologychemistrygeologymathematicsphysicspsychologyare psychology, mathematics, geology, astronomy, biology, physics and chemistry.

what are the four branches of science and what do they deal with?

the 4 branches of science are biology, mathematics, chemistry and physics, mathematics obviously deals with mathematical equasions in science, chemistry is when scientists experiment with syrums and solids, sorry but i don't know the other 2.

what is the different between maths and science?

answer: mathematics are the tools of science answer: mathematics is one major branch of science; there are other branches of science. mathematics is used in the other "exact sciences", for example in physics or chemistry.

why is mathematics important to scientists?

mathematics is the language of physics, and all the sciences are branches of physics. so if we are to explain, describe, or understand anything in our universe, we must use mathematics in one form or another to come to that understanding.

what are the branches of pure science?

there are three 3 main branches of pure science.these are 1.physics 2.chemistry.3.mathematics

difference between mathematics and statistics?

both branches give solutions of a given relevant problem but mathematics define the structure & logic whereas statistics just gives the solution.

what does algebra mean?

algebra is a branch of mathematics concerning the study of structures, relation and quantity. together with geometry, analysis, combinatorics and number theory, algebra is one of the main branches of mathematics.

is algebra arithmetic?

no. algebra is not arithmetic and arithmetic is not algebra. they are two branches of mathematics, which are closely related in some respects.

what is relation between trigonometry and criminology?

there is no direct relationship. trigonometry can be used in criminology as can many branches of mathematics and of science.

did islamic scholars not study mathematics?

muslim scholars not only studied and made advances in the field of mathematics, algebra, geometry, rather they did lot of research in the field of medicine and all branches of science.