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there is no biggest number in indonesia . if there were a number x that was the biggest in indonesia, we could make a bigger number in indonesia by adding any positive number a to x, thereby getting a bigger number x+a.

we leave as an exercise to the reader the question of whether there can be a biggest number in malaysia or the philippines .

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what is the biggest island in indonesia?

kalimantan/borneo is the biggest island in indonesia..

what is the biggest industry in indonesia?

the biggest industry in indonesia is oil extraction.

what muslim country is biggest by population?

indonesia. the population of indonesia is 242,325,638 ~

what is the biggest mall in indonesia?

the biggest mall would be in jakarta, the main city in indonesia with heaps of shops, somewhere around there...

which are the three biggest islands in indonesia?

the three biggest islands in indonesia are irian jaya (papua), sumatra, and kalimantan (the indonesian part of borneo).

is indonesia the biggest country in the world?

no. russia is. indonesia is the 16th largest country in the world.

which country has the biggest coastline canada indonesia australia?

canada has the largest coastline then indonesia and then australia

what does indonesia look like?

indonesia is the biggest archipelago in the world. it consists of 17,508 islands, about 6,000 of which are inhabited, scattered over both side of the equator. indonesia is the site of numerous volcanoes. forest cover about 60% of the country, but a number of indonesian cities is experiencing rapid development. the capital, jakarta, is the biggest city in southeast asia.

forth biggest mosque and where is it at?

the fourth biggest mosque is istiqlal mosque in jakarta, indonesia

how big is indonesia itself?

i've heard that indonesia is the fifteenth biggest country with approximately 2,ooo,ooo sq.km. of land. but indonesia is the biggest archipelago. indonesia's got more than 18,110 islands. indonesia is a beautiful country with so many beaches.

is sumartra in indonesia?

sumatera, that's an island in indonesia. sumatera island is the second of the biggest island in indonesia... yes, that's sumatera, not sumartra...

what is the monetary unit in indonesia?

it is the biggest country in the state

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