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the biggest known asteroid is ceres

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is there a planet between mars and jupiter?

no, there is no known planet existing between mars and jupiter. between mars and jupiter is an asteroid belt known as the kepler belt.

bits of space rock between mars and jupiter?

the bits of space rock between mars and jupiter is known as the asteroid belt. the asteroid belt is comprised of many irregular celestial bodies.

what are the rocks between mars and jupiter?

the rocks between mars and jupiter are known as the asteroid belt. many of the asteroids are grouped into families. examples of asteroid families include flora, eunoma, koronis, eos and themis.

asteroid's revolve around earth in an area known as the asteroid belt?

true... the asteroid belt can be found between the orbits of mars and jupiter.

what is the name of the belt that's between mars and jupiter where asteroids orbit the sun?

this is known as the asteroid belt. its mainly smaller bodies, but there are a few big asteroids in there also. the biggest object there is known as ceres. its about 1000km in diameter, and now classed as a dwarf planet.

what is a asteroid belt and where is it located?

it is located in the space between the orbits of mars and jupiter. it is a conglomeration of minor planets also known as asteroids.

what is the debris that orbits around the inner and outer planets called?

there is a collection of asteroids between the orbits of mars and jupiter, known as the asteroid belt.

how big is an average asteroid?

the average asteroid is approximately 583 miles long in width. the biggest, longest, and first known asteroid was discovered in 1801.

how big is the biggest asteroid?

the largest known asteroid is ceres (a dwarf planet) with a diameter of about 974.6 kilometers or 606 miles.

where do asteroids live at?

most asteroids are located within the asteroid belt which is between the orbits of mars and jupiter. asteroids are also known as planetoids or minor planets.

what planet is after mars?

jupiter is the next planet after mars, but there is small minor planets in between that's within the asteroid belt, with best known been ceres, expected to be explored by the dawn spacecraft in 2015.

why is the asteroid belt in between mars and jupiter?

that is not known for sure, but one possible answer is is that the space between mars and jupiter is where gravitational forces of the sun and jupiter come close to balancing - hence much of the rocky debris from the early days of our solar system wound up in orbit there - balanced between the gravitational forces of the two.

where are mostly asteroid found in the solar system?

asteroids are found all over the place; there is a larger concentration in certain areas, such as the asteroid belt between mars and jupiter, and the kuiper belt beyond the known planets in our solar system.

where are most asteroids in our solar system found in space?

most asteroids are located in what is known as the asteroid belt, which is a region of space located between the orbits of mars and jupiter.

what planet is known as a giant planet?

jupiter since it is the biggest planet.

where in your solar system is the asteroid belt located?

the majority of the known asteroids spend the majority of their orbital periods at distances from the sun that are between the distances of mars and jupiter, so that's where you'll see the "asteroid belt" located on a sketch of the solar system.

how many moons does jupiter have as of 2011?

hi jupiter is the 5th and the biggest planet in the solar system. the planet jupiter has 63 moons. the 4 main known and the big moons of jupiter are io, ganymede, europa and callisto. ganymede is the biggest moon of jupiter and is bigger than that of the earth.

why are there no planets in the asteroid belt?

it is believed that gravitational perturbations from jupiter may have prevented asteroids from coalescing into a single body. also, the mass of the asteroid belt is less than that of any known planet.

what is the biggest planet that orbits your sun?

jupiter is the largest known planet which orbits the sun.

what planet in the solar system is the largest?

the biggest planet is known as jupiter. saturn is the 2nd largest.

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