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what is the biggest bomb ?

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the biggest bomb known in mankind is a nuclear bomb :)

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worlds biggest bomb?

world biggest bomb is a nuclear bomb named tsar bomb working since 1961 for russia. weight of the bomb is 27000kg

what is the biggest bomb in the world?

the tsar bomb is the biggest bomb. it can blow up a whole city. remember, just because its biggest, does not mean its the strongest.

is the nuclear bomb the biggest bomb?

no the hydrogen bomb is -the hydrogen bomb is a type of nuclear bomb.

is the nuke bomb the biggest bomb?

i heard back in seventh grade biology that the hydrogen bomb was the biggest, though it has never been used in combat.

what is degree of destroy that hydrogen bomb can do?

what size of hydrogen bomb? how many megatons? the biggest size of hydrogen bomb can done ...........

is the nucleur bomb the biggest bomb?

the nuke is not the biggest bomb. it can be big or small in size, but technically the fusion bomb has a larger explosion, but one has never been set off, or developed. it is the opposite of nukes, instead of splitting atoms it combines two or more.

who created the biggest bomb?

russia: they created tsar

in the legend of zelda the twilight princess what is the biggest bomb bag?

u cant have bigger bomb bags but u can have up to 3 bomb bags

is a nuclear bomb the biggest explosion?

yes, nuclear weapons create the biggest man-made explosions

who made the biggest hydrogen bomb?

the former soviet union.

what is the big blue?

a 15,000 lb fragmentation bomb. they use these mostly in afghanistan and they are very deadly. they are the biggest bomb on record.

what was the biggest missile in world war 2?

the germans v2 rocket was the biggest missile of ww2

what is the biggest know explosion in history?

the biggest explosion in history was the detonation of the hydrogen bomb in the bikini atoll in the 1950s.

would a bomb as powerful as 100000000 nukes exist in the future?

their may already be a bomb of that capacity depending on the megatons which it has, the biggest bomb was the tsar bomb with 50mt of tnt so it could equal the strength

which nation has the most nuclear bombs?

russia currently owns the biggest stockpile of nuclear weapons in the world. also russia made and detonated the biggest nuclear bomb in history called the tsar bomb.

what is the strongest nukulear bomb ever made?

the biggest was little boy (1946)

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