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what is the ladies law of the 1930's ?

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what type of hat was popular with the ladies during the 1930s?

berets were very popular with women in the 1930s. now, finish the homework with out this website. :)

why do ladies wear pants?

because it's the law

what were some jobs in the 1930s?

farming, engineering, law and medical fields.

fundemental law of electrostatic?

the fundamental law of electrostatics is that you must get a real job and bang some ladies

what factors contributed to the social unrest in the 1930s and 1940s in the bahamas?

how was the law different for blacks

why are laws important to australia's society?

because if there was no law every ladies would get pregnant

how was life in the 1930s?

egypt in 1930s

what is the collective noun for ladies?

the standard collective noun for 'ladies' is a bevy of ladies.however, a collective noun is an informal part of language. any noun that suits the situation can be used, for example:a group of ladiesa queue of ladiesa crowd of ladiesa crew of ladiesa committee of ladiesa staff of ladiesa board of ladiesa team of ladies

who were the fashion icons in the 1930s?

what was the fashion for the 1930s

what was the history of football in the 1930s?

click on the 'nfl history of the 1930s' to read about the nfl world of the 1930s.

what is the possessive form of ladies?

the possessive form of the plural noun ladies is ladies'.example: someone left their phone in the ladies' locker room.

how much did clothes cost in the 1930s?

in the 1930's men paid $2 for a shirt and $15 for a winter coat. ladies paid 50 cents for pantyhose, $1.50 for hats, and $1 for a pair of sandals.

what were the taboos for women of the 1930s?

taboos for women in 1930s

what type of gun was available in the 1930s and was small that someone could kill themselves with in a story?

there were some relatively small .38 revolvers at the time, as well as some .25 revolvers that had been designed to be a "ladies" gun.

what is the plural possessive of ladies choice?

ladies' choice ladies' choice

what are the plural possessive of boy child friend lady hero woman and son-in-law?

the plural possessive forms are:boy; boys; the boys' soccer teamchild; children; the children'splaygroundfriend; friends; my friends' phone numberslady; ladies; the ladies' locker roomhero; heroes; the combat heroes' memorialwoman; women; the women's committeeson-in-law; sons-in-law; my sons-in-law'sprofessions

who was the king in the 1930s?

king george v ruled in the 1930s.

what types of jazz was played in the 1920s-1930s?


what part of speech is 1930s?

depends on the sentence. "the 1930s were the highlight of american culture." - subject, noun. "wow, your jeans are sooo 1930s." - predicate adjective, adjective "i haven't partied that hard since the 1930s." - not sure, but a noun. "how were the 1930s?" - predicate nominative, noun.

is ladies capitalized when writing dear ladies in a salutation?

godd morning ladies!

what are a group of ladies called?


how can the word ladies be used in a sentence?

ladies are really tall. ladies do not curse. the ladies auxiliary will meet next sunday afternoon.

what was 2.00 dollars worth back in the 1920s-1930s?


what is the possessive form of the purses of the ladies?

the possessive form for the purses of the ladies is the ladies' purses.

what is the possessive noun for ladies hair?

the possessive form for the plural noun ladies is ladies' hair.example: she is an expert in styling ladies' hair.