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what is scientific skills ?

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what are the scientific skills?

the scientific skills are the skill you use to answer a hypothesis or a prediction. in a lab you would use the scientific skills of predicting, then experimenting, then getting a conclusion.

what scientific skills are used in hairdressing?

the scientific skills used in hairdressing are very simple. there is a question and a solution and a process in between.

what skills do you need to succeed in the computer science career?

scientific and technological skills

what scientific skills are required by a doctor?


what skills does scientific reasoning require?


what processes and skills are necessary to carry out a scientific investigations?

good analytical and accounting skills

what can scientific literacy teach you?

skills for daily life

what are some skills of scientific inquiry?

asking a question

what is the name for the skills scientists use to solve problems?

the scientific method?

what skills are needed to work or live in antarctica?

you can only live in antarctica temporarily, and only if you have a job there. skills depend on the scientific research being conducted by the government for whom you work, and skills required to support such scientific research.

what is the difference between science process skills and the scientific method?

the scientific method only has lik 4 methods, while in science skills... you can do whatever skill u prefer:d

what are the 5 skills in scientific thinking?

the 5 skills are: observing classifying predicting inferring making model

why scientific skills important in teaching science?

because it is important :)

what are the integrated science inquiry skills?

what is the five scientific methods

what does scientific skills mean?

a scientific skill is something like observation, communication and teamwork of others, something that you learn while doing something scientific

what are the skills needed to become a scientist?

some scientists need a phd or masters degree they will need communication skills, interests, communication skills, people skills and scientific/technical knowledge

what scientific skills do you need to be a marine biologist?

you have to be good in math, science.

what other math skills do scientist use besides estimation?

scientific notation

what scientific skills did galileo galilei use in his reseach?

information of st.vincent and the grenadines

what are the examples of scientific skills?

observing, inferring, measuring, communicating, classifying, and predicting.

what are five skills that are important in scientific thinking?

sight, smell, hearing, taste & touch

what personal qualities make you suitable for a scientific job?

a scientific job would be unlikely to qualify a candidate from personal things such as appearance. scientific jobs would want you to have the proper scientific training and education and skills that the job is looking for first.

what are the different scientific skills?

skills that are essential in science include: analysis of data collection of data mathematical application the appliction of laws within our world

what are the 5 skills that scientists use to learn more about the world and make scientific progress?

the five skills are touch, hearing, smelling, tasting, and sight.

what special skills would you need to be a scientist?

quick thinking and be able to understand the scientific vocabulary