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  1. "remember your own experiences."

  2. "go ask questions, investigate, and research."

  3. "use your imagination."

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to go out and experiense life..

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what is the collective noun for advice?

collective nouns for advice (a non-count noun) is a piece of advice, a word of advice, or a bit of advice.

what is the plural of a piece of advice?

the plural form for 'piece of advice' is pieces of advice.

what is the collective noun for the word advice?

collective nouns for the word advice are word of advice, bit of advice, or piece of advice.

do you give an advice or do you give some advice?

advice has no singular form; the closest is a 'piece of advice'. proper usages include: give advice give some advice give a piece of advice

what were washingtons 2 pieces of advise in his farewell address?

one piece of advice in george washington's "farewell address" is for the american people to be vigilant about their government. another piece of advice he gives to the american people is to be involved in political actions so that their voice can be heard.

what is the plural of advice?

answeri think it may just be advice. 'to give a piece of advice' 'i gave her some advice on what to do'answersince advice itself is not countable, you have to use a word like "some" or "pieces of" to indicate there is more than one piece of advice being given.to clarify: advice is an uncountable noun and has no plural term.

is the word advice a collective noun?

no, the word advice is a common, abstract, non-count noun. the collective nouns for advice are a word of advice, a bit of advice, or a piece of advice.

what is a homograph for lean at an angle and a helpful piece of advice?

tip means to lean at an angle, and means helpful piece of advice. it also means gratuity.

what are some helpful resources for writers?

pen pencil and a piece of paper

what is the nurses advice romeo and juliet?

the nurse gives lots of advice, most of it unwanted. indeed, that is what she does most of the time. however, the piece of advice you are probably looking for is her advice to juliet when she is faced with being forced to marry paris when she is already married to romeo. the nurse advises her to commit bigamy and marry paris as well, and to treat the romeo episode as a roll in the hay.

what is the singular form or plural form of advice?

"advice" can be both singular and plural. it is what is known as an uncountable plural. a person can give you a piece of advice, or he can give you a lot of advice.

what is the most common piece of advice given on weight loss blogs?

the most common piece of advice on a weight loss blog is good nutrition and plenty of daily exercise.

who gives piggy a piece of meat?

simon gives piggy the meat.

how many purposes can a piece of writing contain?

writers can write for whatever purposes they like.

what is the nurse's advise to juliet?

the nurse gives plenty of advice to juliet. most of it is welcome, or at least not unwelcome, except the last piece. when she counsels juliet to commit bigamy, juliet drops her as a counsellor.

is advice an uncountable noun?

the noun 'advice' is an uncountable noun; a type of aggregate noun, a word representing an indefinite number of elements.the noun 'advice' is quantified using a partitive noun, for example, a bit of advice or a piece of advice.

what is the plural form of advise?

"advise" is a verb. the noun is "advice", and it is both singular and an uncountable plural. someone may give you a piece of advice, but if many people give you pieces of advice, it is still just "advice".

why do writers compare and contrast?

the writers compare and contrast to analyze the strength and weakness of a book or article. as a critic the writer wants to bring some elements of improvements in that piece of writing.

what is the plural of the noun advice?

the noun 'advice' is an uncountable (mass) noun, a type called an aggregate noun, a word representing an indefinite number of elements or parts. the noun 'advice' doesn't have units that can be counted; quantities are exapressed as some advice, a piece of advice, plenty of advice, etc.

what is a phrase that rhymes and is a piece of advice?

an apple a day will keep the doctor away

who gives piggy his piece of meat?

simon shoves his piece of meat over to piggy .simon.

why do writers use idioms?

writers use idioms simply to enhance their writing and make it more interesting. some basic examples are "over the hill" or "a piece of cake". instead of an author saying, "it was an easy day at work", they could say "today, work was a piece of cake".

why do writers use figure of speech?

authors use figure of speech to enhance their writing piece. they also use figure of speech to make their piece interesting and descriptive.

how do you spell odvies?

the word it seems like you're after is 'advice' - a piece of information offerred by someone, or perhaps 'advise' - the act of offering that advice (information).

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