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q: what is corporate law?
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related questions

when was the delaware journal of corporate law created?

the delaware journal of corporate law was created in 1976.

what federal law establishes the legal parameters for corporate governance over issuance and sales of corporate stock?

the federal law that establishes the legal parameters for corporate governance is the sarbanes-oxley act of 2002. this law oversees the issuance and sales of corporate stock.

what has the author walter effross written?

walter effross has written: 'corporate governance' -- subject(s): law and legislation, corporate governance 'corporate governance' -- subject(s): law and legislation, corporate governance

corporate law?

corporate law refers to the rules and regulations that guide and bind corporations. it is used when corporations are being formed, managed and eventually sold or otherwise dissolved. because corporations are entities that must pay taxes and can be sued, corporate law governs these types of actions.

what is meant by corporate compliance?

compliance is to do with following the law, therefore corporate compliance refers to what a corporate company or organisation has to do to adhere to government regulations.

what has the author fatt hee tie written?

fatt hee. tie has written: 'undang-undang pendidikan di malaysia' -- subject(s): educational law and legislation 'corporate governance and corporate law reform in malaysia' -- subject(s): corporate governance, corporation law, law and legislation

what law schools teach corporate law?

almost every accredited law school will teach courses in corporate law. corporations and business organizations are often tested on the bar exam, depending on the state, so these kinds of courses are considered foundational.

what is the highest paying law field?


qualification required for study 3 years llb at jalpaiguri law college?

corporate law

do i need a corporate law lawyer for my company?

if you are incorporating your business, then yes, you will need a corporate lawyer to file the proper documents.

what qualifications is a corporate lawyer supposed to have?

the role of a corporate lawyer is to ensure the legality of commercial transactions, advising corporations on their legal rights and duties, including the duties and responsibilities ofcorporate officers. in order to do this, they must have knowledge of aspects of contract law, tax law, accounting, securities law, bankruptcy, intellectual property rights, licensing, zoning laws, and the laws specific to the business of the corporations that they work for. bachelor's degrees and three years of law school are minimum requirements for work as corporate lawyers. all law students take core courses in corporate law, trusts, and tax and insurance law. however, those who want to specialize in corporate law should also take relevant electives, such as creditors' rights, trade regulations, commercial transactions, and trial advocacy. a corporate lawyer candidate with a university degree for political science, economics, accounting, english or social science has high chances of being accepted into a top law firm. accompanied with stellar scores, the candidate can reach the top of the heap. normally, new corporate lawyer candidates begin as law firm associate lawyers. the candidate can be part of a small or grand law firm in the state where the exam was taken and passed. as part of law school, laws on tax, property, constitution, civil, and labor are learned. the knowledge gained is applied on corporate cases assigned to the corporate lawyer to handle.

what kind of experience does one need to work in corporate law firms?

depending on what the corporate law firm is looking for in a candidate. sometimes, law firms looks for inexperienced people to teach them all, and other times, skilled people to work immediately.

should you go to a university for business law or corporate law?

well do you want to work for the mafia or satan.

how do you promote corporate governance in a company?

the law requires that the directors do this.

what has the author catherine cronin-harris written?

catherine cronin-harris has written: 'building adr into the corporate law department' -- subject(s): corporation law, dispute resolution (law), corporate legal departments 'building adr into the law firm' -- subject(s): negotiation, dispute resolution (law), law firms

what is the average corporate law wage?

i saw a statistic once that said attorneys who specialize in corporate law earn, on average, aroung $88,000 per year. i'm sorry, i can't remember the exact source.

what has the author moritz eisenhardt written?

moritz eisenhardt has written: 'sanierung statt liquidation' -- subject(s): composition (law), history, law and legislation, corporate reorganizations, bankruptcy, corporate governance

which is a chinese law applying to corporate political activities in china?

the election act of china and criminal law of china,but not the lobbying law of china

what are the rules of law?

this is too general of a question because law is too specialized of a course. there is criminal law, civil law, probate law, corporate law, patent law, family law, contract law and the list goes on and on.

in corporate law what does a stock certificate represent?

in corporate law a stock certificate is a document that shows a company's ownership of a specific amount of shares of stock. buying shares does not always mean a company will receive a stock certificate.

what is the site synergy attornies all about?

synergy attornies is a nigerian law firm which provides law services in many areas of law, suchg as corporate law, civil right and constitutional law.

what has the author kevin t abikoff written?

kevin t. abikoff has written: 'corporate governance' -- subject(s): corporations, law and legislation, corrupt practices, corporate laws, corporate governance

how many year does it take to become a divorce lawyer?

it takes roughly the same amount of time, if that is the intent of the law student, they just choose to take more family law classes, which are not a requirement. most often, it's the hope of the law student to be accepted by a large corporate law firm, so they specialize in corporate law. the drawback of that is if they get that position, they get stuck with all the family law cases that the law partners don't want to do.

why do companies issue corporate actions?

companies issue corporate actions by checking first to see if it is in the court of law. then the company will decide on if they want to sue or not. it is easy.

did michelle obama ever practice law?

yes. she was a hospital's corporate counsel

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