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reducing your risk of chronic disease is what type of health benefit

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q: what is a thigh rash that is roughly circular and pale red with nonraised discolorations?
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what is a white circular spot on the inside of a thigh that seems to grow bigger and mutiply?

cellulitus, if you have it go to a doctor!

how long would somebody be in the hospital if they were stabbed in the thigh?

i'm writing a story and the main character stabbed herself in the thigh. i need to know how long she'd be in the hospital. the wound is roughly three inches long and a couple inches deep.

what are the signs and symptoms of jock itch?

a circular, red, raised rash with elevated edgesitching, chafing, or burning in the groin, thigh, or anal areaskin redness in the groin, thigh, or anal areaflaking, peeling, or cracking skin

can you sprain your thigh?

you can not sprain your thigh. you may feel like you hurt your thigh bone but it is usually the muscle in your thigh is pulled

what is the anatomical name for the thigh?

the thigh could have many anatomical names. the thigh is lateral. the thigh is inferior to the head. the thigh is superficial to the gluteus minimus. it all depends on how you are trying to use it.

abduct the thigh?

abduct the thigh

do the adduction of the thigh is done by the medical compartment of the thigh?


what is the tenderest part of a chicken?

the thigh

what do you call the part of the thigh that is below the inner thigh and above the knee?

if it is below the inner thigh, it has to be the lower leg and if about the knee is the thigh, itself. there is no name for what you described.

raised red patch on your inner thigh what could it be?

a raised red patch on you thigh could be a mark from hitting your thigh. if you haven't hit your thigh, it can be an indicator of an allergy.

what muscle extends the thigh?

there are many different muscles that help to move the thigh. the adductor magnus is the muscle that extends the thigh. it also laterally rotates and flexes the thigh.

what is the name of the muscle in the thigh?

quadraceps (or quad for short) - front of thigh/ upper legadductors (inside of thigh)hamstring(back of thigh)^_^

is thigh a short vowel sound?

no, 'thigh' has a long 'i' sound, and the 'gh' is silent. 'thigh' rhymes with 'hi' or 'my'.

how many bones are in the chicken thigh?

there is one bone in a chicken thigh. it is two bones if the thigh is still attached to the drumstick.

what is thigh bone?

the thigh bone is the femur.

what is the thigh region?

the thigh region is cervical.

what is strong tooth or thigh bone?


in which part of the body is thigh bone at?

the thigh

why is the thigh the strongest bone?

the thigh bone just has a high density. the thigh bone is very stable and sturdy.

what is the bone of the thigh?

the thigh bone is called the femur.

is a thigh involuntary?

no. thigh in voluntary. you can move it as per your will.

what rhymes with gone by?

sigh, why , thigh, pie and thigh.

is the thigh distal to the knee?

no. the thigh is proximal to the knee.

is the knee proximal to the thigh?

no, the knee is distal to the thigh

what is longest bone in the thigh?

the "thigh bone" or femur.