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which part of your body has a name of worship place?


a place of worship with the same name as a body part?


which religion has a place of worship called mosque?

muslims worship in mosques.

why is it important for a religious believer to attend their place of worship?

part of religion is to be part of a community. when a believer goes to a place of worship, he/she can connect with other people who share the same religion.

a body part named after an instrument?

it is a cumba

in iceland is there a part named jewtopia?

yes,there is a place in iceland named jewtopia.

linguine is named for what body part?

tongue tongue

what is a flower that is named after a body part?

ladies fingers

what card game is named after a body part?


how do muslims worship at their house?

worship at home or work is no different from in a mosque. the mosque is not a sacred place, it is an agreed place for prayer. any clean part of a home may be used for prayer.

is the god of judaism named jesus?

no. jews worship one god, who created the universe. jesus is not part of judaism.

is oregon's name from a body part?

no oregon is not named after organ.

why is synagogue part of jewish religion?

the same reason a church is part of the christian religion, it's a place jews can go to worship.

which body part is named after a war hero of greek mythology?

the achilles tendon, named after the hero achilles.

linguine is named for what body part which is crucial to your enjoyment of linguine?


what baking soda is named after a part of the body and a carpenters tool?

arm & hammer

baking soda named after a part of the body and a carpentar's tool?

arm and hammer!

what is a temple?

it is the sacred place of worship in many religions.the word temple can also refer to the part of the skull next to the eyes, or to a part of a loom (for weaving cloth).

where in the body does osmosis take place?

in every part of the cell

what body part holds your ribs in place?

heart and lungs

what to do if a part of your body is frostbitten?

make sure it is in a warm place

what part of your body would suffer inflammations if you had a disease named for richard bright?


what part of a mans anatomy is named after a character in the bible?

body; adam's apple. after: adam

where is the principal place of worship in the vatican palace at rome?

the principal place of worship in the apostolic palace is the sistine chapel. however, it is only used as a place of worship on special occasions. st. peter's basilica, not a part of the apostolic palace, is the principal house of worship in the vatican. the archbasilica of st. john lateran in rome is the pope's diocesan church as bishop of rome but not located in the vatican.

simple definition of the western wall?

a place where jews come to worship. it was built by someone in the torah and is part of the second temple