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which term explains whether an object's velocity has increased or decreased over time

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q: what is a perfect flower made of?
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related questions

are chrysanthemums a perfect flower?

chrysanthemums are a composite flower which means that it is made of many smaller flowers. the ray flowers are imperfect and the disk flowers are perfect flowers.

is papaya flower perfect or imperfect flower?

perfect flower

what is papaya imperfect or perfect flower?

perfect flower

is the water lily a perfect or imperfect flower?

the water lily is a perfect flower. a perfect flower means a bisexual flower with functional stamens and a functional pistil.

a peruvian lily a perfect or an imperfect flower?

a perfect flower is a flower that contains both male and female reproductive systems and can self-fertilize. a peruvian lily is an example of a perfect flower.

is a complete flower perfect?

a perfect flower contains both male and female reproductive parts. if a perfect has petals and sepals , it is also then a complete flower

imperfect and perfect flowers?

its a imperfect flower when its done growing and a perfect flower is a full gorwn flower

is a santan flower is a perfect flower?

no it's a imperfect flower

what is the difference between perfect flower and complete flower?

a perfect flower is a flower with the male and female parts on different areas of the flower. a complete flower is a flower with all four floral parts.

what is the difference between a complete flower and a perfect flower?

complete flower =have petal,sepal and reproductive organ perfect flower = have 2 reproductive organ

is tulip perfect or imperfect flower?


what are examples of a perfect flower?

a perfect flower has both male and female parts

is daisy flower a perfect flower?

a daisy has petals, pistils, stamen and sepals, making them perfect flowers.

is anemone flower is an imperfect flower?

no, anemone flower is perfect.

what is imperfect and perfect flower?

an imperfect flower is a dead one a perfect one is an alive one

what are the perfect and imperfect flowers?

the perfect flower is one which has all the floral parts in it such as calyx, corolla, androecium and gynoecium. if any part out of these four parts is lacking, the flower is known as imperfect. for example- flowers of mustard plant are perfect and those of castor plant are imperfect. the difference between an imperfect flower and a perfect flower is that an imperfect flower lacks either the stamen or the pistil. while, a perfect flower both have pistils and stamens. every flower is perfect for its own environment, the ones that are not went extinct.

can a complete flower be a perfect flower?

a complete flower has all four whorls: petals, sepals, pistil and stamen. a perfect flower has both male(stamen) and female(pistil) reproductive parts. therefore all complete flowers are perfect, but not all perfect flowers are complete.

is a lily flower perfect or imperfect?


is begonia perfect or imperfect flower?


how do you get your mom a perfect present?

give her some rose flower and make a beautiful home made card

what is another name for bisexual flower?

perfect flower

is gumamela a perfect flower?

gumamela is a perfect flower. this means that the plant has both carpels and stamens. this means that you do not need both a male, and a female plant.

what is the flower that contains female and male parts?

a perfect flower/ a bisexual flower

what is a flower that has both stamens and a pistil called?

they are called perfect flower

is guava perfect or imperfect flower?


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