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q: what is a 19th century german dance resembling a slow polka called?
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related questions

when did the german dance start?

german dance first started in the 16th century

what is one german dance called?

it is called folk dance.

what is cuban dance music of the 19th century called?


origins of waltz?

it partly came from a german dance called the walzen.

when did jazz dance start?

it started in the 1560s. jazz dance started in the 20th century and 19 century it became famous by a man called bobby valintino.

literature of jota quirino folk dance?

the jota quirino folk dance is a filipino folk dance. it was popular in the nineteenth century, and is dedicated to a province called quirino.

what is the german word for dance team?

dance team translates to dance team in german

what type of dance does the german's dance?

german folk dancing

what is the german clap dance?

a german folk dance. link to it below.

when was the waltz most famous?

the waltz is a dance that has been traced back to as early as the 17th century. it developed from german and austrian folk dances.

what was a lively dance for two popular in17th and 18th century europe called.?


what is the high kicking dance which originated in the music halls of 19th century paris?

it's called 'can can'.

when did modern dance start?

turn of the century 1900s, a spilt became present in the classical ballet. this then slowly formed into what is now called modern dance. isadora duncan is usually credited for the new form of dance.

what actors and actresses appeared in german dance - 1903?

the cast of german dance - 1903 includes: marie schubert

what are the steps in philippine kalapati dance?

the philippine kalapati dance is based off of the patterns of doves when they court each other. the dance has steps resembling the bowing and billing of the doves, as well as steps that resemble the waltz.

how do you write dance in german?

the dance = der tanz to dance = tanzen

is waltz a latin dance?

no.. the waltz is a ballroom dance from germany.. so it's a german dance..

who invented the polka dance?

i think the germans did i have a project since i'm german and you have to include the german dance in my project and i've watched some videos polka dance and its a traditonal dance in germany so i think so?

in french the word allemande is what kind of dance?

allemande means the feminine adjective for german in french so i suppose that it can describe a german dance.

is the waltz a german dance?

the waltz was born as an austro-german folk dance known as the landler, which was characterized by the rotating movements of partners dancing together. the music of johann strauss helped to popularize the waltz. so to answer simply yes.. the waltz is a german dance!!

when was street dance discovered?

street dance existed since the late nineteenth century

when was dance discovered?

it wasn't discovered or invented someone just decided to use there body t create a wonderful movement called dance unfortunately we will never know when because that happened century's ago

what are some international german dances?

german folk dancing,polka dance,german clap dancing

how do you say dance in german?


is a polka a german dance?