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q: what happened to zeus ?
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when did zeus world happen?

zeus world happened in 1980.

when did ex zeus happen?

ex zeus happened in 2003.

what happened after hera and zeus had their honey moon?

zeus and hera did not have a honeymoon.

what will happened after zeus become god?

zeus was born a god, not created into one.

what happened to phaethon?

he was killed by zeus.

what happened to the titan rhea?

she was eaten by zeus

what happened to zeus and titans after war?

the titans were mostly imprisoned and zeus became king of the gods

what happened in 508 bc in ancient greece?

zeus died

what really happened to metis athena's mother?

zeus swallowed her.

what happened in ancient greece on 508 bc?

zeus died

what happened to the statue of zeus at olympia?

it was destroyed by fire in the 5th century.

what happened in greece on 776 bce?

zeus got laid by tutankamen

what happened to the status of zeus was it destroyed in a fire or because of paganism?

yes it was destroyed

what happened in track in 776 bc?

the stadion was run in honour of the god zeus.

what happened to zeus' siblings?

the father swallowed each child as it was born.

what happened to the statue of zeus after the great fire?

it flu and after they caught it with brocken pieces

what is zeus' emotional description?

zeus was known for being powerful but he also took pity on others when something happened to them that they didn't deserve. this shows that zeus cared for others even though he is a powerful god.

what happened when odysseus prayed to zeus for a good omen?

zues responded with a clap of thunder

what was something interesting that happened to zeus?

he had sex with other woman while in animal form.

what happened happened when kronos swallowed his kids?

his wife had zeus and hid him and when he grew up he made kronos i think vomit all the kids out or something like that

were heras parents happy to see their daughter get married to zeus?

zeus and hera were brother and sister. their parents were cronus and rhea. zeus cut cronus up into pieces and threw him into tartarus and no one really knows what happened to rhea. so i don't know.

what are the major epithets of zeus?

the major epithets of zeus are: zeus diktaois (zeus, keeper of the tenth month) zeus agetor (zeus, leader or commander) zeus panhellanios (zeus of all greeks) zeus polius (zeus, guardian of the city) zeus herkeios (zeus, the center of court) zeus ktesios (zeus, protector of possessions) zeus hyetios (zeus, bringer of storms) zeus ombrios (zeus, bringer of rain) zeus olympios (zeus, overseer of the olympian gods) zeus panergetos (zeus all-achieving) zeus sote (zeus the savior) zeus dikephoros (zeus, harmonizer of the olypian gods and the dead) zeus teleios (zeus, overseer of the completion of marriage rituals)

what happened to metis after she was eaten in the greek myth?

she remained inside zeus and is sometimes considered to be the mother of athena.

does percy impress the gods?

in the heros of olympus zeus pride is hurt scince what happened in the last olympian.

what are the names of zeus' children?

children of zeusapollo [zeus and leto]ares and hephaestus [zeus and hera]artemis [ zeus and leto]athena[zeus and metis]dionysus [zeus and semele]hebe , discord, and eileithyia [zeus and hera]persephone [zeus and demeter]helen [zeus and leda]hercules [zeus and alcmene]hermes [zeus and maia]aphrodite [zeus and dione]the muses [ zeus and mnemosyne]the graces [zeus and eurynome]pandia [zeus and selene]the horae, the moirae [ zeus and themis]perseus [zeus and danae]