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what happened in the year 2000?

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q: what happened in the year 2000 ?
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what happened in chicago in the year 2000?

your mom happened

what happened inthe year of 2000?

nothing happened :)

what happened in the year 2000 bc?

around the year 2000 bc, stonehenge was completed.

what unusual event happened in the year 2000?

the millennium changed.

something special that happened in sydney in the year 2000?

sydney hosted the olympic games in 2000

what scientific events happened in the year 2000?

y2k is one technological event

what happened in the year of 2000?

uhh, you lived happily, nothing happened and there is nothing here about the end of the world because it is not happening.

what news events happened in 2000?

2000 presidential election happened.

in what year did the worst flood take place in china?

2000 is when the first killer flood happened

what happened to monica froese of tangerine dream?

she passed away in the year 2000 after a long illness.

what happened in the year 2000 in space?

in 2000, space was being explored by many countries around the world and new discoveries were being made.

in what year did abraham and god make their covenant?

tradition holds that it happened around the year 2000 bce, but no exact date is known.

what happened during year 2000?

in the year of 2000, many people in foreign countries, as well as north america, thought the world was going to be overrun by computers because of the increase of technology, as well as it being the new millennium. i am unaware of what happened in foreign countries though.

have any directors been nominated twice in one year?

it happened once: steven soderbergh was nominated for erin brockovich (2000) and won for traffic (2000).

what happened in 2000 in canada?

in 2000, canada was bombed by china

what year did bush and gore run for president?

2000in year 2000

how many leap years happened between 1792 to 2000?

all the multiples of 4 are leap years, except for 1800 and 1900 (2000 is a leap year). i'll leave the counting to you.

what important thing happened in the year 2000 in the united kingdom?

nothing specific - apart from it was the end of the 20th century and the start of the 21st.

what happened on easter sunday about 2000 years ago?

nothing remarkable. maybe if you could narrow down your question to a specific year?

what was supposed to happen in 2000?

my dad told me it was probably because it had three zeros or something like that.but nothing ever really happened in year 2000.many people comitted suicide befor year 2000 so they wouldn't suffer the supposebly deadly events.but surely this is not a spcific answer.

if you are 21 what year were you born in?

the year of 1991

what happened in this year 2009 in the failed of swimming?

what happened in this year in this year 2009 in the fai

what are some important sport events that happened in the 2000?

euro 2000

what important things happened in 2000?

in the year 2000, cartoonist charles schulz died, and a phillips plant exploded. other events are israel leaving lebanon, and cats ended its run on broadway.

what happened in wales in 2000?

the millennium