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foxes are canines belonging to the genus vulpes, the red fox (vulpes vulpes) being the commonly associated species. they are omnivores and are the subject of a lot of human literature, being known as mischievous tricksters.

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q: what exactly is a fox ?
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what does a kit fox look like?

it looks exactly like a fox

are red foxes carnivores?

not exactly, they are omnivores.yes the red fox is a carnivore.yes

what does the flying fox bat do in the daytime?

i don't know exactly but just sleep.

what animals feed on swift fox?

well i do not exactly know but i think that its a bird

what is fox racing exactly for?

fox racing is a company that makes and distributes clothes and accessories to many different countries. they were created in 1978 and today the company is still going strong.

about how old can toy fox terriers live to be?

pretty old i'm not exactly sure but 12 to 15 years.

what are the fox nfl commentators wearing on their lapels for 2010?

not exactly sure bit i know it has something to do with alzheimers awareness.

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i think megan fox or odette yustman. either one is almost exactly as i imagined rose and megan fox has that kind of rose quality.

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how much money did marvin harrison make in 2007?

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is sora a jinchuriki?

no i don't think so well not exactly. he just has some of the nine tailed fox's chakura inside of him but not the acual fox.

who are the arctic fox's relatives?

the arctic fox is a true fox from the genus vulpes and related to:bengal foxblanford's foxcape foxcorsac foxfennec foxkit foxpale foxrüppell's foxred foxswift foxtibetan sand fox

who are relatives of the red fox?

species from the genus vulpes - related to the red fox.arctic foxbengal foxblanford's foxcape foxcorsac foxfennec foxkit foxpale foxrüppell's foxswift foxtibetan sand fox

what are the arctic fox's relatives?

it's relatives are the red fox, the swift fox, the kit fox and the cosac fox. there is also the cape fox, the pale fox, the bengal fox and the gray fox. the more primative relatives are the tibetan fox, blanford's fox, ruppell's fox and the fennec fox.

when was fox the fox created?

fox the fox was created in 1981.

when did fox the fox end?

fox the fox ended in 1990.

what are the subspecies of the spectacled flying fox?

the gray/ grey fox red fox arctic fox island fox and kit fox

fox-fire vs fire fox?


what species are foxes?

foxes belong to the genus vulpes - the true foxes - and includes:arctic foxbengal foxblanford's foxcape foxcorsac foxfennec foxkit foxpale foxrüppell's foxred foxswift foxtibetan sand foxthere are a number of others that are included with foxes but are not vulpes.

what adjectives should to describe a fox?

there are no specific adjective to be used for a fox, use the adjective(s) that appropriate for the context. some examples are:grey foxred foxsilver foxquick foxstealthy foxindigenous foxhungry foxbeautiful fox

what is an asian fox?

an asian fox is just a fox, usally a red fox,

what kind of fox is the fox is in the story fantastic mr fox?

red fox.

what is a common name for a fox?

red fox, artic fox, and fennec fox.

how many foxes live in the us?

u.s. fox species:red fox gray fox arctic fox (alaska) kit fox swift fox

what is bigger - the red fox or the gray fox?

the red fox is. the gray fox is smaller then the red fox. the red fox is the bigest of the foxes