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what does the grandfather clause cover in indiana ?

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how did the grandfather clause effect people?

how was the grandfather clause effective

what is a grandfather clause and what was its purpose in literacy tests?

what is a grandfather clause, and what was its purpose

what was the goal of the grandfather clause?

the goal of the grandfather clause is not make things difficult for people that already have things in place. if you are building a new place, you are not applicable to the grandfather clause.

how did the grandfather clause effect blacks after the civil war?

how did the grandfather clause effect blacks after the civil war

is there a grandfather clause in the uk?


notorious clause in southern voting laws?

grandfather clause

when was the grandfather clause abolished?

it can't be abolished. they tried to abolish it once, but it's been grandfathered in under the grandfather clause.

notorious clause in southern voting laws that exempted from literacy tests?

grandfather clause

in what region did the grandfather clause exist?

the grandfather clause was a clause that was instituted by several southern states in the united states of america during the reconstruction, making it virtually impossible for african americans to vote. the seven states that enacted the grandfather clause or some variation were louisiana, north carolina, alabama, georgia, maryland, oklahoma, and virginia.

how grandfather clause stopped blacks from voting?


is there a grandfather clause for motorcycle license in west virginia?


laws that exempted men from voting restrictions?

grandfather clause

what were southern states attempting to do by passing the grandfather clause?

disfranchise it

what does the legal term grandfather clause mean?

i honestly have no idea

what region or regions did the grandfather clause exist?

in southern states

ca a grandfather clause be used in a homeowners association?

your answer depends on the proposed insertion of the 'grandfather clause'. association counsel, or a local, common interest community attorney can answer your question specifically. there is no standard.

how does grandfather clause effect condo owner with pet?

a "grandfather clause" is a term for something that is ammended (or changed) like the rules for your condo building. if your building accepted pets and later decided to change it to no pets - anyone who already lives there with pets would be protected by a grandfather clause. new tenants would be forbidden to have pets.

who did grandfather clause effect?

i'm about 97.3% sure it is chuck norris.

how did the grandfather clause hurt african american from voting?

they cant vote

is grandfather clause binding and legal?

in the canada corporation act, 1970, in the by laws of a cooprative, can that cooperative establish a no smoking policy with a grandfather clause of one-year allowing a tenant to quit, and if they do not, they must move.

what are the release dates for the single guy - 1995 grandfather clause 2-18?

the single guy - 1995 grandfather clause 2-18 was released on: usa: 26 march 1997

can slavery being inherited?

yes, long ago, the was a law called the grandfather clause. they said if your grandfather was enslaved then you had to be too. that is asuming that your balck, because white men were the ones that enforced the laws. the gardnfather clause brought confusion for the black men who lied and said their grandfather was not a slave and the white men called it quits on that paticular clause.

what is the grandfather clause?

allow uneducated white voters to avoid literacy tests

why did southern states use a grandfather clause?

the point of using a grandfather clause was to allow literacy tests to be conducted for voting but not to deny the right to vote for those who's ancestors had the right to vote before the literacy tests were created.

tool used to prevent african americans from voting by charging them money?

grandfather clause