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this is on my bank statement ptb tfr ja448960 what is this

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โˆ™ 2020-12-04 01:23:29
this answer is:
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the acronym ptb is used to indicate an atm withdrawal. this can be found on the bank statement for rbc bank.

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q: what does ptb mean on a bank statement from rbc ?
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what is ptb in rbc banking?

according to online banking section of rbc royal bank website: when transactions are processed through online banking they will first appear as ptb (personal touch banking) transactions. this provides you with real-time balances and transactions. on the following day, these transaction codes will be updated with the appropriate details included.

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you need to be clearer in what you mean by ptb. it will help to spell it out.

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rule out ptb means "make sure it's not pulmonary tuberculosis."

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pulmonary tuberculosis

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tbp an angle congruent to angle ptb.

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permission to board

what does the medical abbreviation hiv with ptb mean?

i'm guessing it's human immunodeficiency virus with pulmonary tuberculosis.

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ptb means pulmonary tuberculosis. it heals with residual fibrosis.

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the tuberulosis changes in the lungs haven't changed as compared to the last x-ray.

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if you mean how it can "transfer" from person to person. it's through droplet spread, (e.g. when a person with ptb sneezes, coughs, on you, etc)

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is pulmonary tuberculosis 4 a cancer

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the pretender - 1996 ptb 3-16 was released on: usa: 3 april 1999 hungary: 21 december 2012

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as of january 2016, there is no such texting or internet shorthand. such things are always changing constantly.however tptb means the powers that be.your friend probably missed the t at the beginning.

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drink 2 glasses of fresh milk. i assure you it works.

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ptb stands for pulmonary tuberculosis. it is located in your right lung, the upper lobe. you were exposed to the bacteria, could have been by a cough or sneeze.

how do you find out ptb?

hi guys, i asking you guys that someone has been stole my mom's money form my mom account. if i go to bank do they find out where who what time that kind of stuff? and also ip either? i just want to know thats the reason why

which part of the body is affected by the disease tuberculosis?

ptb or pulmonary tuberculosis. pulmonary means lungs. so basically, lungs is the affected part of the body if you have tuberculosis.

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minimal pulmonary tuberculosis is a very contagious disease. it is an infection that involves a persons lungs. you should get treated right away if you have it.minimal ptb is this dangerous?

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skin - dermatitis, skin infections, wounds lungs - copd, ptb, asthma, lung cancer kidneys - kidney stones, renal insufficiency or kidney failure ureter - uterolithiasis urethra - utis

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pulmonary fibrosis is the creation of excess fibrous tissue (scar tissue) in the lungs. because scar tissue is thick and stiff, it makes it more difficult to breathe and makes it more difficult for your body to absorb oxygen through your lungs when you breathe.

is atf 4 transmission fluid and power steering fluid the same?

it really depends on the vehicle you put it in. atf can sometimes "foam up" and cause air to get in the system. (ptb) to clarify: you may use atf in some power steering, but do not even think about using power steering fluid in your transmission.

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pts is short for ptb-sc which stands for patella tendon bearing - supracondylar. this refers to a below knee prosthesis with high medial/lateral (side) trimlines to achieve purchase over the femoral condyles. this is used as a method of suspension or to achieve medial lateral stability in a short below knee amputation.

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