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what does heat transfer changes ?

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what does heat transfer by convection requires to transfer heat?

a liquid - - - which changes density when heated, and a gravity field.

what is the study of heat transfer during chemical reactions and changes of state is?


what is the name for temperature changes that involve no heat transfer?

adiabatic ~ from a greek word meaning "unable to cross" is used to refer to changes in temperature where no heat is transferred.

what changes igneous or sedimentary rock into metamorphic rock?

heat, pressure, or transfer of elements

what is convection heat transfer?

convection heat transfer is the transfer of heat by the movement of a fluid.

differentiate the three methods of heat transfer?

conducton is the he transfer of heat through solid.convention is the transfer of heat in liquids.radiation is the transfer of heat in gases

what is the best kind of heat transfer?

it depends on the medium of heat transfer. for solids, it is conduction heat transfer. for liquids and gases, it is convection heat transfer. for vacuum (no medium), it is radiation heat transfer.

why does water resist changes from a liquid to a solid or a gas?

i would hardly call it "resist" but these changes are changes of state, and there has to be a heat transfer to or from the surroundings. this heat is called "latent heat". to go from liquid to solid (ice), heat has to be transferred away (by a wind for example). to go from liquid to gas (vapor, steam) heat has to be supplied (hot air, sun's radiation for example). these heat changes can take time.

how does temperature difference affect the rate of heat transfer?

for conductive and convective heat transfer, the rate of heat transfer is proportional to the the temperature difference; if you double the difference you will double the rate of heat transfer. for radiative heat transfer, the rate of heat transfer is proportional to the difference of the 4th powers of the absolute temperatures.

why does heat reaching your body through camp fire is only by radiation and not by conduction and convection?

normally, people sit beside a fire. the heat reaching our body cannot be heat transfer by convection since this transfers heat vertically due to density changes. horizontally, heat cannot be transferred by convection. air is such a poor conductor that it is impossible that the heat transfer is made by conduction. by elimination, we can conclude that the heat transfer in this case is by radiation.

what method of heat transfer does not require matter?

heat transfer

the transfer of heat by fluid?

the transfer of heat by fluid is convection.

does rubber transfer heat?

yes rubber does transfer heat

what do convection and conduction have in common?

they all transfer heat

what are those methods of heat transfer?

methods of heat transfer 1. conduction 2. convection- cycle process of heat transfer. 3. radiation- heat transfer through electromagnetic

what is radiation in heat transfer?

radiation in heat transfer is one of three known modes of heat transfer: conduction (as heat transfer in solids and less effective in liquids)), convection (as in liquids and gases), and radiation (that not necessarily require a medium for the transfer). heat of sun is transferred to us in the vacuum space by radiation heat transfer.

what are the method to trasfer heat?

there are three types of heat transfer, one is conduction or heat transfer through solids, convection, which is heat transfer through liquids and the last is radiation which is heat transfer through gas medium

how does radiation differ from conduction and convection for transference of heat?

radiation means of heat transfer does not need environment or medium for its transfer. transfer of heat by conduction or convection needs medium for this transfer to occur. this medium can be: * solid in conduction heat transfer, or * liquid and/or gas for convection or conduction heat transfer.

how is conduction different from convection?

conduction is heat transfer without matter transfer convection is heat transfer with matter transfer

transfer of heat?

the heat transfer is possible by conduction, convection and radiation.

winds transfer heat energy by what method of heat transfer?


how is heat transfer controlled?

there is a special mechanism that controls heat transfer.

then what is the meaning diabatic change?

diabatic (not diabetic) means transfer of heat, and as such involves temperature changes in the two or more species involved in the heat transfer. diabatic change is the next order of movement in the time dimension, indicating a change in the rate of heat transfer, and thus an acceleration or deceleration in the rates of temperature change of the involved species.

is convection the main type of heat transfer?

no, in the universe radiation heat transfer is by far the largest transfer.

is conduction a heat transfer by direct contact of particles of matter?

yes, whereas convection heat transfer is the transfer of heat via a liquid, and radiative heat transfer occurs through empty space (like the heat you feel from the sun).