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what does essentially afebrile mean ?

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what does the word afibrile mean?

you probably want "afebrile", which means "without fever". "patient was afebrile" means the patient had no fever.

what is the medical term meaning absence of fever?

afebrile means absence of fever.afebrileafebrile

what does afebrile mean?

it means there is no fever. febrile means having fever

give you a sentence for afebrile?

my son has afebrile fever for the pass 2 days

can you divide and label the medical term of afebrile?

afebrile means not having a fever. a- means not, febrile means having a fever.

what does the medical term apyrexial mean?

apyrexial means without fever. afebrile is a synonym more commonly used in the us.

what is the medical term meaning normal temperature?


what is the medical definition of afebrile?

without, or not showing any signs of, a fever.

what is the medicine for afebrile seizure of children of age 1.5 years?

this means being absent of fever.

what does essentially mean?

it means 'especially'

what is the medical term meaning no fever?

afebrile. a- means without. febr- is the prefix in medicine that means fever, from latin. febrile means there is a fever or something related to fever. a similar word from the greek uses the prefix, pyr-, meaning fire, and is pyrexia (fever).

what is another word for fever?

pyrexia is another word for fever afebrile means without fever ague

what do you mean by essentially?

essentially is the adverb form of the word, essential. essential can be defined as: pertaining to or constituting the essence of a thing

what does mitran di jaan mean?

essentially, "my life"

does information mean knowledge?

yes, they are essentially the same.

what does ujurack mean?

it is a personal name and doesn't necessarily have to mean anything. essentially it is gibberish.

what is the medical term meaning before the onset of a fever?

the term for before the onset of a fever is prefebrile. afebrile means without fever.

other names for fever?

pyrexia, hyperpyrexia, hyperthermia. to be in a state of having a fever - a person is febrile. if they don't present with a fever, they are afebrile.

what does pourquoi mean?

why?pour=for, quoi=what, pourquoi=for what, which is essentially "why."the definition is "why".

what does luster mean in a mineral?

essentially it means how shiny the mineral is

what does que haces enojada mean?

essentially, it means "why are you angry?"

do loyal and faithful mean the same thing?

loyal and faithful mean essentially the same thing.

difference between illegal and unlawful?

they essentially mean the same thing.

what do you mean by pure oop language?

that all values are objects essentially

what does the slang term camels toe mean?

it is essentially a vaginal wedgie.