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which part of the cell membrane prevents the cell from dissolving in water

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what is the basic unit of a nucleic acid

which of the following is an organic molecule

what is the main function of starch in plants

which type of protein makes up connective tissue

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what are the stages of photosynthesis

what are the light-dependent reactions of photosynthesis

is glycolysis aerobic or anaerobic

what is the main purpose of photosynthesis

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q: what does coffee do to your plants?
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related questions

will plants grow with coffee ground mixed with siol?

this depends on the plant, of course. coffee is acidic, but it can be quite good for plants. if your plants like acidity, coffee can be beneficial.

how many species of coffee plants are there?

there are approximately 40 species of coffee plants. however, the actual coffee drink are mainly made out of 3 of those species, namely the arabic coffee, robusta coffee and liberica coffee.

coffee grow plants faster?

plants will grow in coffee grinds as long as it is mixed with soil

is coffee good for all plants?

if your soil has more alkaline in it then yes, coffee is spectacular for plants.

can coffee harm plants?

yes, coffee can harm some plants. coffee grounds are sometimes used as fertilizer for plants like roses. these grounds can harm more delicate plants by adding too much acid to the soil.

why does coffee help plants grow?

the reason coffee helps plants grow is because it has acid but to much could mean the plants will not grow.

what part of the coffee plant can you use?

coffee plants produce beans, which is what is used for coffee.

what animal does coffee come from?

animals do not make coffee, plants do.

are coffee and tea monocot or dicot?

coffee and tea plants are both dicotyledonic.

what plants can goats not eat?

cotton and coffee plants.

why is coffee good for plants?

well, whether or not coffee is good for plants depends on the ph level in your area's soil. if your soil has more alkaline in it then yes, coffee is spectacular for plants. so, essentially, it really depends on what kind of soil you have.

what type of plant do coffee beans grow from?

coffee bean plants!!!

does coffee come from plants?

yes. coffee (beans) come from plants. grown in jamaica, and other south american and asian countries.

which country grows coffee plants?

over 70 countries grow coffee plants. but only a small number grow coffee plants commercially. along with hawaii, coffee plants are also grown commercially in latin america, south america (brazil and columbia being among the largest producers), parts of africa, asia including the islands and even australia.

can coffee be used as compost to help grow plants?

coffee grounds are excellent compost for plants. they are chemically neutral, not acidic as the acid comes out when the coffee is brewed. many coffee shops will give away the grounds to people that ask. coffee grounds are an excellent source of nitrogen.

where does the coffee originate from?

plants,coffee,it goes all the back to the 13th century.

what effect does coffee have on plants?

the effect that coffee has on plants varies. it can sometimes slow down the process of roots growing. however, it can act as an insect repellent when applied to mulch surrounding the plants.

does coffee grounds help plants grow?

no it does not help plants to grow because coffee ground use some nutrients that are not good for regular plant

where should be the best site for planting coffee plants?

coffee plants like volcanic soil. hawaii is a great place to grow coffee. columbia is also a good source because it too had volcanoes.

does coffee help the growth of your plant?

coffee can help the growth of your plants. coffee contains a small amount of nitrogen which is helpful for the growth of foliage. coffee grounds are best put into compost bins and allowed to decompose. if you have any leftover coffee in the coffee pot dilute it with water (fill the pot back up) and use the diluted coffee to water plants to help encourage growth.

can a plant grow in coffee?

no plants can't grow in coffee because it isn't have water in it!

how does coffee grounds help pea plants grow?

they use the coffee grounds as nutrient.

how do coffee beans help the plant?

coffee beans are coffee seeds. they help the plant by making new coffee plants. what you buy at the store is roasted coffee seeds.

what is the preposition for coffee?

the word coffee is a noun, for the drink, the necessary beans, or the plants they grow on. several prepositions can be used with coffee as an object (in coffee, of coffee, from coffee), but notably "over coffee" (taking place while drinking coffee).

are coffee grounds good for plants?

many gardeners think coffee grounds make an excellent mulch or compost, but it would probably depend on the coffee.