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q: what does bilaterally mean?
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related questions

what is bilaterally symmetrical mean?

humans are bilaterally symmetrical, because both halves are congruent.

what does bilaterally descended testicles mean?

bilaterally descended testicles means that both of the testicles have dropped into the scrotum

what does bilaterally mean in medical terms?

bilaterally means the same thing in medical and lay language: both sides.

what does clear to auscultation bilaterally mean?

it means there are no abnormal sounds heard in your lungs.

what does positive faber bilaterally test mean?

mean postive faber - (flexion, abduction, external rotation) test

what are the characteristics of molluscs?

mollusc are the invertebrates which mean they doesnt has a backbones . mollusc are unsegmented and bilaterally symmetrical

are porifera bilaterally symmetrical?

most plants are bilaterally symmetrical except for porifera

what does the term bilaterally mean?

lateral means side, bi means two.thus bilateral means 'two sided'thus if an agreement was negotiated bilaterally it means that the agreement was reach by both parties to it.

what does some extension into the inferior foramen bilaterally mean?

it means u give cheryl cole anal

neural foramina are patent bilaterally what is meant by patent bilaterally?

foramina are openings. neural foramina patent bilaterally just means that the openings in the spine are open, and allow the nerves to pass through normally...

why are echinoderms thought to have evolved from bilaterally symmetrical ancestors?

because in their larval stage they are bilaterally symmetrical.

what does it mean unremarkable bilaterally after otoscopic exam?

it means both of your ears appear to be normal when examined using an otoscope.

is crayfish bilaterally symmetrical?

yes, we think of crayfish as bilaterally symmaterical, though in truth they sometimes do not appear to be.

does bilaterally have a plural form?

no. bilaterally is an adverb because it describes how something is done, and adverbs do not have plural form.

what animal groups are bilaterally symmetrical?

platyhalminthus nematoda annelida mollusca arthropoda echinodermata chordata are bilaterally symmetrical

what term is used for animals with reflective symmetry?

assuming you mean two symmetrical sides, the term is called bilaterally symmetric.

what does otoscopy revealed non-occluding cerumen bilaterally mean?

this simply means there is a heavy build up of earwax in both ears.

symmetry of a snail?


are earth worms bilaterally symmetrical?


are earthworms bilaterally symmetrical?


are humans bilaterally symmetrical?


are skunks bilaterally symmetrical?


what does medial joint space narrowing bilaterally with enthesopathic change anteriorly on the patella bilaterally at the insertion of the quadriceps tendons and suprapatellar effusion?

medial joint space narrowing bilaterally (sounds like arthritic/age-realted change in both knees) with enthesopathic change anteriorly on the patella bilaterally at the insertion of the quadriceps tendons (unhealthy tendon changes) suprapatellar effusion (swelling above the kneecaps, probably nothing you haven't noticed already)

can a butterfly be separated in two equal halves?

if you mean is a butterfly bilaterally symmetrical, the answer is: yes. if you mean can you slice it evenly down the middle, the answer is: good luck, you freak. if you mean is a butterfly a legume, the answer is: no, legumes are vegetables.

are flat worms asymmetrical?

no,they are bilaterally symmetrical

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