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what do phenol aka carbolic acid do?

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a caustic, poisonous, white crystalline compound, c 6 h 5 oh, derived from benzene and used in resins, plastics, and pharmaceuticals and in dilute form as a disinfectant and antiseptic.

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q: what do phenol aka carbolic acid do ?
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can you get phenol from carbolic acid?

carbolic acid is another name for phenol.

what is carbolic acid used for?

carbolic acid is "phenol" based and was used as a disinfectant in hospitals.

chemical name of phenol?

carbolic acid

what was victorian carbolic acid spray used for?

carbolic acid is "phenol" based and was used as a disinfectant in hospitals.

suspecting something in the air was causing surgical infections what quaker surgeon pioneered antiseptics when he disinfected wounds with a solution of phenol aka carbolic acid?

joseph lister

what is bakelite plastic made from?

it is made by heating phenol (carbolic acid) and formaldehyde in presence of naoh.

what is the meaning of carbolic?

did you try looking it up? lol. well, if you really want to know without looking first, the meaning of carbolic has 2 definitions according to carbolic #1 - of or derived from carbolic acid (probably doesn't help you that much) carbolic #2 - pertaining to, or designating, an acid derived from coal tar and other sources; as, carbolic acid (called also phenic acid, and phenol).

what is the only organic acid without cooh group?

there are several organic acids without cooh group , example is carbolic acid , a phenol, picric acid which is 2,4,6 tri-nitro phenol, barbituric acid, ascorbic acid etc

is carbolic acid an acid or base?

carbolic acid is a weak acid.

what are the ingredients in joseph lister's occlusive dressing?

joseph lister used carbolic acid (phenol) as an antiseptic during surgery.

what is phenol in besides cigarettes?

phenol (carbolic acid) is in chemical peels, whiskey, antiseptic throat sprays (such as chloraseptic), carmex, sunscreens, hair colorings, paint strippers, etc..

role of phenol in dna isolation?

purification of the dna sample. phenol is carbolic acid and is used to dissolve proteins and other cellular debris associated with the dna being prepared for analysis.

what scientist invented carbolic acid?

what scientist invented carbolic acid

what is the color of phenolic solution?

simple phenol (carbolic acid) is almost colourless in aqueous solution but naphthols forms pinkish or purple solutions.

what is phenolic compound and what is poly phenols?

a phenolic compound is one which incorporates phenol in its molecular structure; polyphenols have more than one phenol in their molecular structure. phenol - also known as carbolic acid - is an aromatic organic compound with the formula c6h5oh.

what acid is used as an antiseptic?

you mean carbolic acid. this is more properly referred to as phenol, and although it was the original antiseptic used by joseph lister, it is seldom used now as we have safer alternatives.

why is carbolic acid so dangerous?

carbolic acid is dangerous for many reasons. carbolic acid is dangerous because it is vapors that are harmful to one's skins, eyes, and respiratory system.

what is phenol usual application?

phenol is also called carbolic acid. it is a type of alcohol with a phenyl group, a benzene, that is used to control surgical infections and the odor of sewage. it is also used for throat lozenges because of its anesthetic effect.

in real picric acid is not acid..then why it called acid?

picric acid is acidic, as it has a fairly acidic phenolic proton. however, picric acid is not a carboxylic acid. nevertheless, it is still called 'acid' because of its acidic proton, just as phenol was once called 'carbolic acid'.

is phenol acid or base?

phenol is a weak acid.

is c6h5oh acidic or basic?

c6h5oh is considered acidic. it is more commonly known as phenol, or carbolic acid, which is a type of organic solid known for its volatility and crystalline structure.

which type of acid is carbolic acid?

organic acid

is carbolic acid used today?

yes, carbolic acid are used in various antiseptic, disinfectant e.g

what are lysol and carbolic acid?

carbolic acid is phenol (hydroxy benzene, formula c6h5oh) the original formulation of lysol contained cresols (methyl phenols, formula ch3-c6h5oh) this formulation may still be available commercially in some parts of the world. formulations containing chlorophenol are still available in the us.

disinfectant have one basic concept phenol which is partially miscible with water but never appeares two layered what is the one physical concept behind this?

phenol or carbolic acid is an acid so becomes ionized in water partially and becomes soluble now this mixture dissolves some unionized molecules of phenol so mixture is homogeneous and not forms two layers.