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what do pea plants need to grow ?

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how do pea plants grow?

pea plants grow in nitrogen rich soil. pea plants grow best when the temperatures are below 70 degrees fahrenheit.

what did mendel wonder about the pea plants?

he wonder about the pea plants because he wanted them to grow

why did mendel work with pea plants?

mendel worked with pea plants because they were easy to grow.

how much sunlight do pea plants need?

pea plants need plenty of sunlight

what are pea plants?

they are plants that grow peas on them, usually in pods.

what is needed for pea plants to grow?

water, soil, pea, solar energy.

can you grow pea plants in pots?

of course pea plants can grow in pots, but be warned make sure you dont overcrowd your pot and give it something to climb up on..

do pea plants grow faster then corn plants?

the answer is yes. i have 2 pea plants & 1 corn plant, and it seems that the peas win today's battle!

do pea plants need care?

of course all plants need care

do pea plants need air?

peas like all plants need air.

what part of a plant are pea plants?

the seed. it will grow into a plant like this:

what temperature do dwarf pea plants grow best in?


how long does it take for pea plants to fully grow?

about 36 days

do pea plants grow well in silt?

no; because it is like mud

what amount of sunlight makes pea plants grow tallest?


do plants need sodium to grow?

no, plants do not need sodium to grow. they need protein to grow.

why would it be easier to study genetics in pea plants than in humans?

humans are not experimented on to that degree because it is not humane. pea plants also grow and develop rapidly and produce seeds. pea plants are less complex than humans.

will pea plants grow in sand?

yes,it will grow if you put a mixer of more sand and alittle dirt.

how did mendel obtain pure pea plants?

he put them in a jar and made them grow

why did mendel use pea plants?

easy to grow and the plant grew faster

do pea plants grow better with tea or water?

water... what kind of question is this.

what does a pea plant need in order to survive?

pea plants need sunlight, water and nitrogen rich fertilizer to survive.

what uses nitrogen to grow?

=plants need nitrogen to grow==plants need nitrogen to grow=

do plants need water to grow?

yes plants need water to grow.

how does coffee grounds help pea plants grow?

they use the coffee grounds as nutrient.