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q: what did the greeks believe that an unhappy god would do?
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what did most greeks believe about their god?

they had several gods, it would depend on which you are referring to.

where would you find the god dionysus in ancient greeks?

well i believe this god, dionysus in ancient greece among the others is the god of wine. believe it or not. but i don't believe you could find him but i would guess in the wine ;) but yes it is true dionysus is the god of wine.

did the greeks believe in only one god?


why did ancient greeks believe in mythical creatures?

same reason christians believe in god

what did the ancient greeks believe about gods?

god in bhakti

did the greeks believe in a god of time?

yes, chronos.

what did the ancient greeks believe about the sun?

the ancient greeks believed that every day, apollo, the god of the sun, would ride a chariot a across the sky, pulling the sun behind him.

why didn't greeks believe in god?

the greeks didn't believe in god in ancient times because moses came with the torah (jewish holy book) long after the greeks had there mythological ideal with the olympians and the titans, but later on in history many greeks did convert to many types of christianity, islam, and judism.

why did the greeks believe in the afterlife?

the greeks believed in gods which had a god of the underworld, hades. ps sorry naomi

did the greeks have a story about how the gods die?

no, greeks believed that their gods were immortal, as every people believe for their god.

who did the ancient greeks believe was the force of love?

there was a god who is the god of love which i think are aphodite or apollo one of these is the force of love the greeks still belive in.

how did greeks pray to their gods?

the same reason you pray to your god. the acient greeks thought that there were many gods. but modern greeks don't believe it.

do the greeks believe in more then one god?

nowadays the greeks are orthodox christian, which believes in a trinity, a variation of monotheism.

what did the ancient greeks believe was the job of zeus?

the god of all gods and the god who controlled the sky and weather.

why did greeks believe in gods?

most humans believe in either one single god or a number of gods.

are the ancient greeks polytheistic?

polytheistic means "they believe in more then one god." so the answer is yes they believe in more then one god.

what did ancient greeks believe about their gods and goddesses?

the greeks believed their god and goddess were immortal and ruled different areas of human life.

how were the greeks related to the greek gods?

well to be honest you answer is in the question. the greeks believe that they have gods just like other religions. they are known for their extreme seriousness of worshipping them and also they believe each god plays their part in their daily lives. such as posiden they believe if they worshipped him well their fishermen would have more luck with catching their fish.

why did the greeks believe in eros?

they believe in eros the geek god because he is the god of love and everybody wanted love in their life.

what god's did ancient greeks believe in?

some guys and girls who breathe imaginary air...

why did greeks believe in greek gods?

the greeks believe(d) in the greek gods because they were their explanation of why and how everything functioned. every god/dess has a role in the universe, and they all have their own individual jobs and responsibilities.

what did the ancient greeks believe that the gods and goddesses look liked?

that all depends on what they were the god of. if they were the god of something good that would make you think of beauty, they were the most beautiful things. but if they were the god of something that wasnt good like hades the god of the dead, they were the ugliest things.

what did the ancient greeks believe about hercules?

that he was better than god and looked up to him like their mary/jesus/god/lord/mufassa

what did the greeks do to try and ensure that the gods and goddesses would protect them?

the greeks would pray to which ever god or give the a peace offering

did ancient greeks believe in a heaven?

they believed that mount olympis was there heaven and they belived that zues was god.