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what type of government was napoleons?

it was an absolute monarchy

how was napoleons bonaparte's government different from the government under the directory?

he had a stronger central government.

what was napoleons strategy to defeat england?

period of rational thought about government

what was napoleons aim in life?

to be the leader of europe united under a liberal government.

the site of napoleons greatest defeat was?

the battle of waterloo was napoleons greatest defeat.

which of these events in napoleons career occurred last in 1815?

napoleons is defeated by wellington at waterloo

what did napoleons father do?

he was an attorney.

what are the ratings and certificates for the six napoleons - 1922?

the six napoleons - 1922 is rated/received certificates of: uk:a

napoleons final battle?


when did napoleons son die?


what was napoleons legacy?

the napoleonic code.

what was napoleons favorite book?


what caused napoleons death?

he had stomach cancer.

what was napoleons sons nickname?

he was called franz.

fall of napoleons european empire?


site of napoleons coronation?

paris :d

what was the site of napoleons coronation?

notre dame

what is napoleons full name?

napoleon bonapart

who was napoleons father?

cairo was napoleon's father

who were napoleons parents?

fathercarlo buonapartemotherletizia ramolino

who was napoleons commander at waterloo?

michel ney

who was napoleons polish girlfriend?

maria walewska

what was napoleon's downfall?

napoleons fall from power.

what was napoleons full name?

napoleon bonaparte

what was napoleons mystery illness?

stomach cancer