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what can you get zakat for yourself ?

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can a wife give zakat to her husband for finishing loan?

no a wife cant give zakat or money of zakat to her husband under the masarif of zakat.

can you give zakat to syed or indirect giving?

there are two type of zakat: obligatory zakat and mustahab (recommended zakat). recommended zakat is same as non obligatory donations. syed can receive non obligatory zakat from all. but obligatory only from syed.

what is zakat in arabic?

it is zakat in arabic as well. :)

how are zakat and sawm similar?

they are two of the five pillars of islam. by sawm you prevent yourself from eating and drinking to feel hunger and sympathy with poor people who do not have anything to eat so you got motivated to pay zakat to support them.

can you pay zakat in instalments?

no we can not pay zakat in instalment.

zakat on christians in pakistan?

no zakat on christians but only muslims.

can you pay zakat on assets?

yes we can pay zakat on our assets.

what if we can't pay the zakat?

zakat is not compulsory on poor people.... but if you are rich and you dont pay zakat out of arrogance than its a sin

can you give your zakat to your brother?

yes, if he is poor and deserves zakat. however, it is not allowed to give zakat to father and/or mother or you children that you are responsible of.

what does zakat help to make?

the meaning of zakat is, buying the love of god. if you pay zakat you will get it seven times more than you paid.

you have 85 gm gold how much zakat do you pay?

zakat is 2.5 %

can a daughter give zakat to mother?

no, daughter can not give zakat to mother.

what number pillar is zakat?

zakat, or charity is the fourth pillar of islam.

is zakat obligatory?

no, zakat is not obligatory, if u can afford it then its obligatory on you to pay it

why do muslims pay zakat?

the pay zakat because they need to please god.

what does zakat say in english?

in english, zakat basically means 'charity' or 'giving'.

who should accept zakat?

poor or needy people should accept zakat.

how do different organizations spend zakat?

they pay zakat to qumran education institutions .

is it zakah or zakat?

its either zakat or zakah. it is an arabic word written in arabic as زكاة

how old should you be to pay zakat?

i m paying zakat almost from fifteen years

what was the medicine zakat?

i don't know what you mean by medicine, but zakat is one of the five pillars of jihad. zakat means to give to charity usually with money, clothing etc.

can you give zakat to your daughter that her husband is poor?

yes we can give zakat to our daughter if her husband is poor.

can syed give zakat to syed?

yes,syed can give zakat to syed there is no restriction from the islam

can you give zakat yo your real uncle?

yes you can if he is poor enough to be entitled for zakat. you are even more rewarded, one for paying zakat and second for doing good for relatives.

how is zakat collected?

zakat can be collected in something similar to a tax, but muslims from a non-islam country usually either give their zakat to developing countries or send it to the government of an islam country