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what are the two discoveries during the agricultural revolution ?

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what are some agricultural discoveries salsh benefits during the sui dynasty?

irrigation systems and rice that could ripen faster are two agricultural discoveries made during the sui dynasty. trade systems and roads helped to move the food easier.

what were two inventions created during the agricultural revolution?

cotton gin and grasshopper plows

what two discoveries brought on the neolithic revolution?

farming brought the neolithic revolution

what are two effects of the agricultural revolution that took place during the middle ages?

new technologies and the expanding of production

what two locations did african americans settle during the american revolution?

what two location did african american settle during the american revolution

what two scientific discoveries were made during the neolithic agriculture revolution?

increasing populationvillagesfarmersdomestic animalscalendar and technologypersonal possessionsvillages headman and council of elderswomen less important

what are two ways farming changed as a result of the industrial revolution?

the industrial revolution changed the fate of farming in america. it allowed new technologies to be borne which increased the production of agricultural farms.

what was the revolution in russia during world war 1 called?

it was called the russian revolution. but there were two of them. one was te february revolution and the other was the october revolution.

how many people were employed in the us during the industrial revolution?

the only two people employed during the industrial revolution were biggie smalls and tupac

what were two important reforms during the french revolution?

two important reforms of the french revolution were, the abolition of the hereditary aristocracy, and the introduction of the metric system.

what were the two european allies during the american revolution?

france and spain

which two region of the us were the main centers for industry and manufacturing during the second industrial revolution?

which two regions of the united d states were the main centers for industry and manufacturing during the second industrial revolution

what two battles did the british win during the american revolution?

they won 243

what two items were invented during the industrial revolution?

type writer and phonograph

what were two sides that colonists had to choose between during the revolution?

loyalists and patriots

advantages of green revolution?

the green revolution of the 1940's began in mexico's agricultural fields. the technologies developed there spread all over the world for the next two decades and increased crops produced per acre.

what are two top agricultural products in oklahoma?

wheat and corn are two top agricultural products of oklahoma.

what are two major political revolutions in the 20th century?

there have been many revolutions during the 20th century. two include the russian revolution of 1917 and the iranian revolution of 1979.

what story by charles dickens is set during the french revolution?

a tale of two cities

what two european countries helped the colonists during the american revolution?

france and spain

could two sons of different age get an agricultural deferment during world war ii if their father was handicapped?


what two new social classes emerged during the industrial revolution?

the two new classes that emerged from the industrial revolution were the "working" class and "middle" class. these replaced the nobility and peasants.

what two groups was society divided into during the industrial revolution?

burgoisies the well-to-do and the poor (apex)

what two groups were society divided into during the industrial revolution?

the middle class and working class

name two invention that were created during the industrial revolution?

trians steamboats steam engines