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what are the differences between silicon dioxide and diamond?

silicon dioxide is a compound and diamond is an element

how did mendeleev predict the properties of silicon?

mendeleev did not predict the properties of silicon.

is silicon a metal or nonmetal?

silicon is a non metal. it is sometimes called a metalloid as it is "between" metals and non metals in properties.

which element has similar properties to silicon?

with respect to properties silicon is very similar to germanium .

is silicon metal or non metal?

silicon is not a metal. it is usually called a metalloid bcause its properties are between those of metals and no-metals.

is silicon a metal or a nonmetal?

silicon is a non-metal, it is often described as a "metalloid" as it is between the truee metals and the non-metals in properties.

is there a difference between silica and silicon?

yes. silica is a compound with the formula sio2, while silicon is an element with symbol si. there are many chemical and physical differences between them.

does silicon have magnetism?

silicon is a metalloid. metalloids does not have all the properties of metals. silicon does not have magnetism.

what properties does silicon have?


is silicon is a non metal?

no/yes.silicon, is a tetravalent metalloid, with the symbol si and atomic number 14.silicon has some matallic properties and some non metallic properties.

5 properties of silicon are?

thermal properties, 3. wafer flats. 4. electrical properties, 4. cleaving. - resistivity & mobility calculator, 5. silicon etching. 5. mechanical properties

what element has similar chemical properties to silicon?

the element with chemical properties most like silicon is germanium. as an example, both are used in semiconductors.

what are the properties of silicon?

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do carbon and silicon have similar chemical properties?

carbon is a nonmetal, while silicon is a metalloid, so no.

what are the similar properties of silver silicon and sulfur?

silicon silver and sulphur are all in diffront catigories

most solar cells rely on the natural properties of what element?

most solar cells rely on the natural properties of silicon. a simple solar cell consists of a silicon-boron layer and a silicon-arsenic layer.

what element is most like carbon in its physical properties?

silicon. silicon has the same binding properties as carbon(possibility of 4 bonds). certain scientists have postulated that life can exist with silicon based molecules as opposed to carbon.

which element has chemical properties similar to carbon?


what properties does glass iron sand have in common?


what are the physical and chemical properties of silicon?

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what are some properties for silicon?

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what are some silicon properties?

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what are properties of the element silicon?

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is silicon an allotrope of carbon?

no silicon is an element in the same group as carbon, it has similar chemical properties but it is not carbon.

is silicon a metal nonmetal or a metalliod?

silicon is a semi-metal as it has properties of both a metal and a non-metal.