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answered 2021-05-12 21:06:23

according to the feedback from my credit institution, they found out that either method (swipe vs chip reader) are equally prone to theft.

so the great idea didn't work against the crooks.

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veronica wilkinson

2021-05-15 21:05:37

awsom, thanks

your answer


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what are advantages and disadvantages of chip readers and pin pads?

advantage: you need both the chip and the pin to make successful transactions in store. disadvantage: cards are easily cloned, and people can be careless when using their pin.

what is a chip reader?

it is a machine in which the pin or chip is read. hope it was helpful.

what is chip and pin reader?

it is a magnetic reader which makes an imprint from the raised text of the card.

what are chipboards disadvantages?

they chip lol

what reads information from a credit card?

chip reader

is a chip and pin reader input or output?

there both

disadvantages using vegetable oil as fuel?

fry your chips in chip pan - very unhealthy bad for vegetables makes your hair greasy

why do you usually but not always keep having to use your remote starter to start your car instead of using your key?

perhaps a bad chip or reader if so equipped

what are the advantages of using a chip instead of a transistor?

the ic has most of the components needed integrated in one part. using a transistor these parts would need to be added, making the circuit larger.

what are the advantages and disadvantages of glass mobile phones?

. advantages- easy to clean and allows more accuracy disadvantage's- on a mobile its not the most durable material and can easily crack, chip and even smash you wouldn't be able to see a thing other than maybe a little colour :/

how do you chip on rugby 08?

you can only chip by using setplays. however, you can only chip for another player, not the one with the ball.

can a dog be located through wave frequency if it has a microchip?

no, the chip must be brought close to a reader.

can you give a sentence using the idiom a chip on your shoulder?

that guy really has a chip on his shoulder.

how can you connect a wireless network?

if your using a ะฝะพัƒั‚ะฑัƒะบ the chip is built in but if you're using a desktop you need a usb chip. turn on a network using your internet router and connect.

what is an example sentence using the idiom chip on your shoulder?

you really have a chip on your shoulder. don't get a chip on your shoulder over such a little thing.

what are the disadvantages of chocolate chip cookies?

after maybe three cookies you will feel so bloated!

difference between vlsi and embedded systems?

vlsi--chip designing embedded--using the chip

what are the advantages of a chip and pin reader?

it is more secure. older cards have a magnetic strip along with the card-holders signature on the back. apart from the fact that a little practice will let someone copy the signature, the strip can be 'cloned'with chip & pin, the electronic chip has the card-holders details on it. only the card-holder should know the pin - the pin is stored in a central database not on the card therefore the card is more secure. once chip & pin is adopted world-wide there will be no need for the card to show the owners signature.

what are the advantages and disadvantages of a sound card?

a dedicated card will first have it's own chip which means it takes a load off the cpu when it comes to sound effects and input and output. this means the cpu could be freed up for more important tasks.

how can you bypass the key pass your chip came out of your key?

simplest is to get another good key. if that is not available then you need to modify the wiring harness to bypass the chip reader by inserting the resistor elsewhere in the circuit.

how can you hide a chip on a laptop?

if you have a chip in your ะฝะพัƒั‚ะฑัƒะบ you can hide it by using either a plaster or nail varnish or blue tack

do pet microchips ever wear out?

they will not "wear out", though in cases of severe abuse they may get broken, or a wound may allow them to fall out. there are no components in a pet microchip that can wear out. the chip does not contain a battery; the chip reader actually beams energy to the chip that the chip can then use to generate the return signal, like any rfid system.

what can be achieved by using reset terminals in a tuner chip?

keyed oscillation

what data is output in a monitor in a supermarket?

barcode scanner. touch screen. chip and pin device. magnetic strip reader. keypad. keyboard.

what is the difference between chip designing and chip programming?

chip designing: chip designing is how to built a chip means what are the steps involved and how to make a chip from concept,architecture,follow chip design flow and fabricate in a foundry for a specific process. an analogy is mentioned to understand the chip designing concept with an well known architecture(building) and detailed explanation on the vlsi(very large scale integration) flow (what is the methodology involved in chip designing). chip programming : configuration of the chip can be modified dynamically using fusing or some other methods.