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how do you use rely in a sentence?

rely means to trust some one. ex: you can rely on my answer.

what are some major industries?

aerospace & satelliteagriculturebioscienceemerging technologiesenergy, mining and natural resourcesfinancial servicesinformation technologymanufacturingtelecommunications and digital media

how do you get different troops in evony?

you need to upgrade your barracks and have enough resources to make troops. also, some troops also require certain technologies that can be achieved via researching them in the academy, which may in turn require academy upgrades and other technologies, which may require more technologies, which may require certain other buildings, such as high-level resource fields.

what were some examples of technologies in china?

most technologies in china are powered by large forces of child labor

both petroleum and coal are made up of complex carbonbased molecules and both originated with living creatures of some kind both are vital sources of energy for the modern world and both were forme?

type your answer here... chronological order

why can't each country have all of its own resources?

large countries usually have more resources than small countries. some countries are sunny and can use solar power. others are windy so they can put up wind turbines. other countries have very few resources so they rely on neighbouring countries.

what are some resources of grenada?

what are some resources of guyana

name some biometric technologies?


why should you develop space technologies and go to mars?

we could mine some of the resources on mars. create new colonies on mars. we could do scientific studies that would be impossible on earth. the list goes on.

what are some method or technologies that can be used to reduce the issues caused by low vision?

what are some method or technologies that can be used to reduce the issues caused by low vision?

what are some of canda's natural resources?

some of the natural resources

what are some q and a about non renewable and renewable resources?

q. what are some nonrenewable resources? a. some nonrenewable resources are fossil fuels. q. what are some renewable resources? a. some renewable resources are trees, fish, oil, gold, copper and bronze.

do some people rely on astrology?


what communication technologies are used by barnes and noble?

enewsletters, twitter and facebook are some communication technologies that barnes and noble implements.

what are some new technologies?

i pods and cat scan.

what are some technologies used in a desert?

rat suit

where is plasma found in modern technologies?

in some things

what are some renewable energy resources?

what are some renewable energy resources

what technologies exist for allowing people in wheelchairs to climb stairs?

there are various technologies that exist to allow people in wheelchairs to climb stairs. some of the technologies are stair-climbing wheelchairs such as the ibot and topchair.

what are some examples of braille embosser manufacturers?

they are a few braille embosser manufacturers that provide quality embossers. these manufacturers are: enabling technologies, index braille, quantum technologies, and viewplus technologies inc.

what are some natural resources that are common resources?

some natural resources that are common resources are air, water, solar energy, wind, trees, and rocks.

what are some resources for the blind and deaf?

some resources are the raised dots alphabet

what are some renewable and nonrenewable resources in vietnam?

what are some renewable resources in vietnam

where can one find information about the company amina technologies?

there are many companies and websites that offer information on the company amina technologies. some of these websites that offer information on the company are amina technologies and geek beat.

what are some common technologies used by metorologists?

they used balls.